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The Energy of Autumn

This Video and Energy Journey is an introduction into the Energy of Autumn. Every Year, every Season, every Month, every Week, every Day and every Moment has it’s unique energy fingerprint…. and so do YOU.

The Energy of Autumn carries the energy of Harvest and Gratitude. As per the Native American Medicine wheel Autumn is related to the Element of Water, the virtue of Gratitude, and the Life-Cycle of Adulthood. That brings the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us and to open our heart to receive the Harvest, the Abundance of the seeds we planted in Spring Time. As always Nature is our best and most intimate guide. As we watch Nature closely, we notice that all fruit can be harvested in gratitude. It is now time to be at awe at the amazing, magical harvest/abundance your universe has to offer. All you need to do is to open up and receive.

All is energy – if we tune into the energies that surround us and allow ourselfes to flow with the current rather than against it – life just may become a juice, delicious and magical Peace of cake.

If you are interested to dive deeper into the Energies that surround you I invite you to come over to my website to find out more:

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