A Cry for Help!

An Ascension Healing with Tales Energy Journey into the 5th Dimension. Please listen to this Gift and support not only your Path of Awakening but also our beloved Mother Earth. You are important. Thank you!

tree-338211_640Hello and Welcome to Healing with Tales! My name is Martina Kreiner and I invite you to come and join me on a journey beyond your mind into the world of stories and tales. In today’s Healing Tale called ‘A CRY FOR HELP’ I will guide you on a Healing and Ascension Energy Journey into the 5th Dimension. The entire universe has come forth to support Mother Earth’s ‘Cry for help’ and hence with will also support your Path of Awakening.



 This is a Gift to you and a gentle, loving ‚Request‘ to join my quest  to bring more Love, Light and Information down to Mother Earth, in becoming a channel your Self. How? Listen to the Energy Journey, open up and receive.

There are very strong cosmic energies coming down to Earth right now to support Humankind’s and Mother Earth’s Evolution and Path of Awakening. Very intense energies have come through me in form of the Healing with Tales Ascension Energy Journey called ‚A Cry for Help‘. And I am asked to share it with you.

This Healing Tale will support:

  • your Path of Awakening
  • to raise your Vibration by letting go and creating space within you
  • your Ascension into the 5th Dimension
  • to speed up your intents, projects and goal
  • you to hold more light, love and information

And remember, the work you do for yourself and your desired life also influences your environment, the people around you and Mother Earth. You are important! THANK YOU!

Guidance Program to Balance and Harmony - Autumn KopieIf you have any more questions in regards to this GIFT, my WORK or you are ready to join me into the Autumn Guidance Program to Balance and Harmony, which starts at the 23 September 2015 – please contact me on martina@healingwithtales.com.
I am excited to hear from you!
With love and gratitude

personal healing tale Kopie

Martina Kreiner

PS…. Please share this email and Energy Journey with your friends and family. Thank you 🙂


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