A loving smile…

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Imagine this… receiving a genuine, loving smile from a person just because you took a moment of time to be with them with your full heart in support.

It is a hot morning, the day starts as per usual, the last few days of school and children don’t want to get out of bed. Finally we are ready to leave, our normal School- and Kindergarten run in the morning. On the way out I notice a lady huddled up in the bushes close to where we live, I am curious. We live in a medium sized village, countryside Austria. To my surprise she is still there when when I return. I almost cycled past here. However, something made me stop and turn around. I asked whether she was ok!

She was shaking slightly and said she missed her bus, and was very tired. It was a little challenge to understand her but my heart just knew she needed a little love, support and re-assurance. So I stayed at her side for a little while and tried to contact someone she knew. Not very successfully at first. She was on her way to her work place in a Special Needs facility, missed her bus and looked really lost.

After half hour, after lots and lots of cars driving by, people walking past, we found a solution and she was met by one of her colleagues. I was very relieved. She was relieved and smiled at me in gratitude.

I left with a smile in my heart and on my lips which reflected the power of the summer sun puttygen download , that is shining down on us. And I realized in the bottom of my heart and being of why I am here, of why we are all here: TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER ON OUR JOURNEY. It may be a smile, a light touch, a helping hand, a loving thought, a moment of time and so much more.

As I cycled away, a little shadow came over my heart, remembering all these people walking and driving past us without a thought and care. I feel so many of us are stuck in our little routines and daily busy-ness , that we forget to help one another whenever it arises. And yes, I have been all to often the one walking or driving past, not stopping because I was too busy with something else. Today I make a commitment, again, to fully and totally support and serve others on their journey, in the many ways that are possible to me.

I invite you to support and serve those around you on their journey, however small the support might be. Do it with love, and make our world a better place. Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Martina Kreiner

PS. Grandmother Moon is coming forth every month to support our journey with her Energy. Take her hand and join our call on Thursday 16 July 2015 to be divinely supported and guided by her.


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