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Hi! My name is Martina, and I am a happy Mum of two young healthy boys. I am a Woman, a Mother, a Guide, a Storyteller, an Author, a Designer, a Creator, an Organizer, a Daughter and much more. But at the base of all, I am a Being committed to radiate joy, love and harmony and to pass on what I have learned on my journey thus far.

Today is a day to celebrate. In this moment I am very excited and happy. Speaking to my son’s occupational therapist I learn, that she believes Gabriel’s development has caught up and therapies are no longer necessary.  I leave the conversation, and a tear of happiness rolls down my cheek. I set the intent to mark this day, to celebrate everything we have been through (even if painful), everything we learned (even if challenging), every tear we shed in fear and worry. To grow into a new Understanding and Believe how this world is created, and our part within it. I know, we are still on a journey and support for my son is still needed. But with ease, I allow my heart to guide the way. Believe me, it has not always been this happy in my life. Please read our story in a nutshell below:

‘My Path to my Inner Power started with the life-changing event of becoming a mother and having to deal with serious health issues presented to me by my first born. Out of desperation, fear and worry I looked into and learned all kinds of alternative healing methods and therapies in order to find a way to heal my son. Soon I realized in order to support my son’s healing, I have to heal the relationship to my Self and my heart. Initially I felt waves of resistance and egoistic to shift the focus to me instead of my son. But I soon received real proof! As I started to feel better, my son’s health improved with it. And solution to support his health were found much easier. Since then, my entire life changed! Even though the relationship to the father of my children broke, we found a much better understanding and support as parents and friends. Even though life very often felt like it is against me, I chose to travel through the seeming darkness to discover my Self – Simply.Me. And for that I am grateful.

Gabriel gave me the key to a door into a new life. I want to offer you a key to a door into your new life which holds joy, happiness and harmony. 

To receive your key and to celebrate – I invite you to book your spot and allow your Self to be supported by someone that knows where you are at:


I look forward to hearing from you. Please do book you spot soon, as Sessions are limited!

With much love,


Martina Kreiner
PS: These Sessions are limited, so please do book your spot now: martina@healingwithtales.com


I offer all the knowing and knowledge that has come to pass through me within the SIMPLY.ME World and Guidance Program to Balance and Harmony. A platform and guide to support you and your relatives to a Simply.Me lifestyle, where Being Simply oneself is the ultimate goal.’


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