What masks cover your BEAUTY?

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Sometimes we consciously put a mask on and dress up as something or somebody else. Just for fun! And yes indeed, it is fun and a good laugh. As I experienced my Self the other night. The good thing is though, when we are done having fun playing a role, we just take the mask off again and put it aside. I have realised over and over again, there are other times and situations, we may not be so aware of what invisible masks and roles we carry and play in our life.

IMG_6154 I invite you to take a moment and contemplate your invisible masks and roles you play for your partner, lover, family, children, friends, work colleagues …..

Are you truly Being your Self? Or are layers of pre-conditioned and automated patterns, beliefs and perceptions covering the true essence of YOU?

Just take a moment and feel into this questions, and allow to surface what needs to surface.

Over the course of my Inner Journey I have been shedding layer after layer, mask after mask, of who I thought (with my mind) I am. Now I think with my heart and allow myself to listen deep within and be guided forward and onward, step by step. To glide through any situations and challenges that may arise. By living a heart-centred life, life indeed becomes very colourful and magical within, and reflected without. As everything becomes and is possible.

Now, 2016 is the year of Transformation and BEING YOU. No limitations! No Self-Sabotage! But conscious Awareness! This coming Monday, 8.2.2016 we celebrate the Chinese New Year. We venture from the Element of Water to the Element of Fire and into the Fire Monkey Year. The Fire Monkey brings the Energy of Transformation and Stepping into your Light.  Are you ready to BE YOU? I invite you to focus on your Life’s-Vision and to use and harness the energy that is so readily available for you. 

How? Join  the upcoming Moon Energy Call on 7 February 2016, which will also include the powerful energy of the Chinese New Year. Register here!



I look forward to journey with you through 2016

With love,

Martina Kreiner
Martina Kreiner

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