Balance-Harmony 1:1



In this wonderful and special 7 day process I combine the benefit of both, traveling and releasing trapped emotions throughout your lifetimes with your Personal Healing Tale. For you to listen too over and over again. Combined with the in depth Balance and Harmony 1:1 process, where together we will embark into the depths of your emotional, mental and physical bodies. We will unravel what keeps you stuck and is no longer beneficial for you and replace it with goals and visions of your dream life.  This combined process will enable you to truly release, beautify, empower your Self and shift your forward onto the next level of expansion. The Personal Healing Tale and Affirmation are for you to use on a daily basis to deepen the work we achieved.


PRODUCT 2:Total-Balance-and-Harmony-w

This is a 1:1 combined healing process! Over a period of 7 days Martina will balance and harmonize your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, transforming trapped emotions, beliefs and per-conditioned patterns that are no longer beneficial for you. This process creates space for your new Goals and Intents! Allow your Creation Energy to go wild and manifest the life of your dreams.

What can you expect ?

  • Helps YOU to release past hurts, pains and blockages on a physical, energetic and emotional level.
  • Helps YOU to find and connect to SELF on a deeper level.
  • Helps YOU to open up to see your VISIONS and GOALS.
  • Helps YOU to create space for the new YOU  -“Release the old, make space for the NEW”
  • Helps YOU to take back your very own power by using the EMPOWERMENT TOOLS.


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