What is a Healing Tale?


Storytelling has been around for thousands of years as a means of entertainment, education, communication and bridging cultural, linguistic and age-related divides. The earliest historic evidence comes from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Furthermore we find storytelling in all cultures, including African, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Australian aboriginal and, of course, Native American.

I take the power of storytelling a step further. I create Personal and Universal Healing Tales to release trapped emotions and energies through my unique approach known as intuitive storytelling. I have been given a unique gift that allows me to retrieve and receive tales from people’s past lifetimes, revealing trapped emotions and energies affecting their current lives. These tales help people discover the challenges that were experienced in a different time, age, and personality, and I use my gifts to help people overcome those challenges.

That means I can tune in to YOU and create exactly the story you need to hear to UNLOCK AND RELEASE ALL THAT TRAPPED EMOTIONS within you. All you have to do is listen!       Shop now Kopie

I believe we are on earth on a big journey consisting of various lifetimes, and our current life forms only a small, yet important, part of it. Throughout our various human experiences we encounter lessons. Through my work, I have come to understand that this trapped lower-vibrational energy reveals lessons that have not fully been learned and completed. Through my tales, I communicate the content and vibrational energy and experience of the tales so they are not only heard but felt and experienced by both the logical mind and the heart.  This is what allows the healing and the transformation of the vibrational energy to take place.

By embracing and releasing trapped emotions and energies from our earlier lives, we actually adapt to this release in our current lifetime and learn the lessons we need to learn to move on to the next part of our journey. Lessons can range from letting go of fear, heartache, sadness, insecurity, and doubt; self-love issues; blocked abundance in money, career, love, and health, etc. From these lessons we open to a deeper and fuller understanding of who we truly are and what we are here to do. This creates a more enjoyable and more satisfying experience of life.

All of us are on various parts on our journey and have accumulated a collection of tales. I’m able to address those concerns that are common to all of us as a collective, simply through the Power of the Universal Healing Tales. Should you wish for a tale specifically customized for you, I create Personal Healing Tales, where I tune in to your own personal energy field and take you on a meditative journey to find and release the most pressing issues at hand. This is the beginning of a journey to release and transformation.

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All Healing Tales are accompanied by a Healing and Release painting especially created by the artist Lynda Davis Jeha.

These healing and release paintings gently support the healing and release process of the tales.

For more information and purchase of the artwork please contact ldavisjeha@gmail.com.



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For more information please contact us on info@healingwithtales.com.

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