Universal Healing Tales

Universal Healing Tales will allow you to work on your lessons and release emotion in your own time and at your own pace. Universal Healing Tales  address lessons and issues that are common to all of us as a collective. Hence I have created a collection of categories tackling common issues such as letting go of fear, heartache and sadness, insecurity and doubt, self-love issues, blocked abundance in money, career, love and health, and disconnection. Universal Healing Tales are bundled into 7 categories.

Each category includes 5 tales, addressing the same set of Emotions for your ultimate transformation. Depending on what type of blocked emotions you are wanting to transform, simply choose from any or all categories below. I invite you to use the Power of Personal and Universal Healing Tales to transcend issues that hold you back from achieving your true potential.

Through my tales, I communicate the content and vibrational energy and experience of the tales so they are not only heard but felt and experienced by both the logical mind and the heart. This is what allows the healing and the transformation of the vibrational energy to take place, and will allow you to open to a deeper and fuller understanding of who you truly are and what you are here to do. You will create a more enjoyable and more satisfying experience of life.     Shop now Kopie


What Emotions do Universal Healing Tales address?
I have created 7 categories of Universal Healing Tales aiming to transform issues that are common to all of us. Each category currently holds 5 tales addressing the same set of Emotions. To get you started straight away, choose the topic that resonates with you.

Red Planet 1 THE IMPORTANCE OF GROUNDING. We transform the emotion of FEAR

Energy Healing Tales and Art 2 RETRIEVE YOUR CREATIVITY AND TAKE ACTION-STEPS. We transform the emotions of THREAT

Yellow Planet 3 YOUR ARE IMPORTANT, THERE IS NO-ONE ELSE LIKE YOU. We transform the emotions of SELF-HATE

Green Planet 4 RELEASE AND TRANSFORM RELATIONSHIP TRAUMA. We transform the emotions of BLOCKED LOVE                                            

Blue Planet 5 STAND IN YOUR POWER AND SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. We transform the emotions of INSECURITY

Indigo Planet 6 ADJUST YOUR MINDSET TO ABUNDANCE. We transform the emotions of BLOCKED ABUNDANCE

Energy Healing Art 7 CONNECT TO THE ENTIRETY OF YOU. We transform the emotions of DISCONNECTION

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What can I expect when I purchase a Universal Healing Tale?
All Universal Healing Tales include 1 x mp3 recording, 1 x PDF document, a Release Process and a suggested Daily Meditation to help you stay aligned to the release you will have experienced.  

What is Healing Art?
LDJ Studio Portrait
Release online

All Healing Tales are accompanied by a Healing and Release painting especially created by the artist Lynda Davis Jeha.

These healing and release paintings gently support the healing and release process of the tales.

For more information and purchase of the artwork please contact ldavisjeha@gmail.com.



For any further inquiries or questions please contact me on info@healingwithtales.com.