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Happy Birthday!

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April is my Birthday month! April is part of Springtime representing the Energy of New Beginnings, whether the New Beginnings are large or small.

A few weeks ago I attended a beautiful spiritual retreat, where I not only connected with wonderful people, breathtaking countryside but also with my SELF and the Power I carry within. Now of course, walking my journey with love and commitment for some time I thought I have met my Inner Power, and  I have met my Self…. Yet there is always another deeper layer, more expansion of Ones inner wisdom and strength to be uncovered. This expansion changed my Inner World yet again.  As the Inner World changes, the Outer World (Reality) needs a little time to adjust and catch up. This means,  going through a period of letting go off all that is no longer beneficial. May that be relationships puttygen ssh , patterns, programs, emotions, situations, experiences, thoughts, whatever it is it is time to allow it to transform …. and sometimes this process may be a little challenging and painful.

But in order to have sufficient space and nutrition for your new seeds (as in desired goals and intents) to grow, we first have to create space!

With that being said, I am currently going through a substantial ‚Letting go and Planting my Seed phase!‘. fully allowing this process to unwind and open up within my life has created a new Healing Tale, which is called

‚The Goddess/God within‘ – Download Here

– and as it is my Birthday month, this is my Birthday Gift to you!

So I invite you to merge with the Goddess and God within you and step into your light and passion

With Love and Gratitude


Martina Kreiner

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The gift of healing within yourSelf

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As I went for a run this morning, finding my rhythm and breath. Listening to a few birds singing their song through the chilly morning. One step at the time, random thoughts pop in and out in and out of my beloved mind.

Then it struck me deep in my heart: ‘My gift of healing is the power of a story’. Now of course, those who know my work know I am all about storytelling. But what I mean is, by accepting my passion for stories, tales whichever way they come forth, in books or recorded Healing Tales, I heal myself on a very deep level. And as I share my passion with the world, those who resonate, receive the same healing and direct access to tap into their own Inner Power and to ‘The gift of healing within themselves’. What might that be for you? A good question to ask as we say goodbye to the old and welcome a New Year.

PLANT MY SEED WIDGET KopieThis time of year is magic! And I invite you to use a very ancient, simple and powerful technique to use the sacred energies of this time for your goals and intents. That is my ritual as the end of year approaches and this year I invite you to journey with me and support each other to create your Master Goal List 2016.
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….so as I am running this lovely morning, a new character pops up in my heart and mind. A little panda bear called Siron and he lives in a fenceless zoo. All the animals could just step out of their cages, as there are no fences, but none of them do. Little Siron is a courageous Panda, and he takes the step out of his fenceless cage to explore the unknown…. Now how about that. I am sooo excited to start the New Year with a New Book Idea, and it is already there.

Wishing you a magical Christmas

With love,

Martina Kreiner
Martina Kreiner

Life and Death

girl-354579_640putty download windows ,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 12pt; color: #000000;“>Life and Death! Yesterday I learned about the well and healthy arriving of a long awaited baby, I feel the happiness reflecting in my heart. At the same time I learned about the death of a friend, a young woman after a short and dramatic illness. I feel the sadness reflecting in my heart. I stop to allow these messages and feelings to flow through me. And yes, the death of this friend really saddened me. I allow the sadness and as I allow it transforms into love I send out to her family, her young son and all those that grief for a lost friend, partner, family member. Most us know this feeling of grief.

Life and Death, they are are the same. We wouldn’t know one without the other. An experience we encounter over and over again as we decide to explore another Lifetime Experience on Earth. Mother Earth, with the season of Autumn which we currently experience in the Northern Hemisphere, shows us per example that we all live in a continuous circle of life.  Currently nature is letting go, leaves are falling off the trees, the last flowers are blooming, the harvest has been pulled in and stored for the winter, animals are filling up their food storage ….. ready for the icy and snowy days of winter. In winter Nature rests and so should we to be ready to continue our journey and be born again in Spring Time and joyfully experience a new Summer Time.

Life and Death in every moment of Now.  This Life and Death experience reminded me of my Father’s passing and a Healing I retrieved at the time, which I am sharing with you today. May it support you on your Path of Awakening to Love and Light.

With Love and Gratitude,

Martina Kreiner

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Energy flows where your focus goes

Newsletter banner revised‘Energy flows where you focus goes’ or ‘’What you focus on expands‘. Every day we are dealing with situation, after situation, after situation and after situation, good or bad is beside the point. Also a situation is just Energy. Now we can decide how we choose to see the situation. Is it all drama or is it just another part of the game we call ‘Life on Earth’.

adler-694862_640Yes, I can hear your doubts! And of course sometimes it is just too easy be sucked into a situation especially if it is concerning our family, children, husbands, partners, parents, work colleagues, business partners….. the list is endless. It is all too easy for the common emotion of Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hate to be triggered, sometimes overwhelmingly so!

Now I have come to the conclusion, that besides being virtuous it is just healthy to allow these so-called negative emotions up and accept them for what they are in that particular moment of NOW. Your unwavering Acceptance, Faith and Trust in you and your universe transforms them into LOVE and solutions miraculously appear.

Oh yes, unwavering Acceptance, Faith and Trust does need practice, and more practice, and more on a daily basis. We are now working on re-conditioning an old pattern lots of us carry around!! Sounds like fun doesn’t it!

Make the choice right now: ‚I  choose and receive  unwavering Trust, Acceptance, Faith, and Support. And so it is.

Have fun and a wonderful, empowered week

With Love and Gratitude,

Martina Kreiner

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How do you feel?


Do you know what influences you in every moment? Yesterday was the first New Moon of 2015, a Super Moon all to willing to supercharge and support your journey this year and beyond. I take this opportunity to thank every soul joining me on this first ever call to celebrate with me and welcome in the powerful Moon Energy. A truly sacred experience and journey!

The Aquarius Super Moon is at zero degrees. This energy represents New Beginnings, Freedom, Peace, Collaboration, Community. And what we can achieve individually and as a team, community supporting the overall ascension of Mother Earth, Human Kind and all there is. All things are possible for you now when you trust your instincts. Follow your intuition. Liberate your mind. Inner Peace will follow. The New Moon in Aquarius reminds you that you are the Star of your Life. You are the Sun center of your universe. If your life is difficult, look inside yourself and make the needed changes. Coach yourself. Be honest. Where are you giving your power away? What are doing to sabotage your Abundance?

And please always remember, we are all connected Mother Earth, the Cosmo, the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, all Elements, the Animal and Plant kingdom and Human kind. All connected all related. YOU can use and harness the Energy offered by each one of us/them to support you in your Personal and Spiritual Growth. Open your Heart and Body and allow yourself to receive.

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Wishing you a wonderful week.

With love and gratitude,

Martina Kreiner


PS… Free Healing Tale … This is a brand-new powerful journey to support your CREATION process – enjoy!

Live in Joy

Playtime! Playtime! Playtime! This week I invite you to play and practice to open yourself up to receive. Be grateful for all you have in your life right in this moment! Remember, your are like a magnet, what you send out into the world comes back to you!

1. Think of at least 5 things you are doing well, things that work and you feel good about.

2. What good have you received from the Universe in the last week or month? Come up with at least 7

3. Think of at least 3 things you asked for in the past and received.

4. What would you like to receive from the Universe right now? Use your imagination and feeling and ask for all you can think of. Think of the essence of things rather than the specific, detailed item!

Have fun and a wonderful, empowered week

With love,

Martina Kreiner


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Who am I?

Today I start this newsletter with a set of very simple question: Who am I? Who are you? What is continuously changing and what stays the same?

Are you your thoughts? Do they stay the same? No. They are a constant flow.  In and out!
Are you your emotions? Do they stay the same? No. They are a constant flow.  In and out!
Are you your body? Does your body stay the same? No, the body continuously changes.  All cells renew themselves every 7 years. So you are not the body you were, when you were born.

We tend to identify ourselves with our thoughts, emotions, deep seated habits, pre-conditioned patterns, our stories that supposedly makes us who we are, or what we believe we are. Stop! Pause and for a moment. In this moment of now be the observer, go within and observe how the emotions (good or bad) flow in and out. How the thoughts (good or bad) flow in and out, and in and out and in and out… Be aware of your emotions and thoughts, just be aware. You are not your thoughts, even though they might seduce you to think so. You are not your emotions- fear, anger, hate, sadness, joy, love, happiness – they just flow in and out to be experienced. You are the Consciousness, the Source, the God, the All there is, the timeless Presence behind it all. Observing and experiencing a life in a physical body on this wonderful Mother Earth.

Eckhart Tolle says: ‘We are a timeless presence…… We are nothing ….. although he pronounces it differently to make: WE ARE NO THING …. We are a formless presence, that is the essence of who we are!’

Here is a wonderful interview with Eckhart Tolle, going deeper into the question of: Who am I? ENJOY!

Have fun and a wonderful, empowered week

With love,

Martina Kreiner

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Food for Thought … Daily Practice!

This week is on the topic of a DAILY PRACTICE! Do you have your very own Daily Practice?

As research has shown it takes at least 21 days to rewire and refocus our brain, for a new emotion, vibration to become normality. To make this process easier and to fit in our busy daily life’s a combination of Cleansing and Harmonizing and Daily Affirmation has worked wonders for me.

Now, developing a Daily Practice can be a huge catalyst toward growth and healing. What your Daily Practice involves is up to you. It is beneficial for it to contain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. But you are the creator of your life and your Daily Practice.

From what I have learned up until now on my inner spiritual journey, a balance between Meditation, Physical Exercise, Emotion Release, Energetic Body Hygiene, Goal Setting and Daily Affirmations is the key to manifesting YOUR dream life.  

Wow I can hear your doubts! You feel this is too much? Remember I am a mum of two, I am a business owner, I run a household and family life! Belief me, Daily Practices can be organized into a snug practice and spread out over the day. The funny thing is although you might start with very short intervals, they will lengthen by itself as your desire to check in with yourself automatically grows.

To get you started with the Balance and Harmonizing Part of your Daily Practice I gift you with my Morning Balance and Harmony Journey:

 Have fun and a wonderful, empowered week

With love,

Martina Kreiner

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Chill out, Dear– Mr. Guilt not allowed!

‘I am a gift to this world and I deserve to be abundantly joyful, successful, healthy, wealthy and relaxed in body, mind, spirit and soul.’

Today I want to talk about a subject I have been recently learning to integrate more and more into my daily routine – Relaxation and Surrender. Most of my life I have been striving to work toward something almost 24/7, 365 days a year. Once that something was achieved, I started a new project. Without a project to work on I felt lost. Looking at this automatic behavior and pattern from a distance, I now notice the marathon I have been running throughout my life. Believe me, competing with myself is not much fun. I realized I never have a chance of winning! Sounds familiar?

STOP? Life is not a competition it is a playful game! I guess I misplaced my instruction manual at arrival into this lifetime!! Luckily we are all divinely guided. I was guided to finally see and feel the benefits of relaxation and surrender into your Self. Using this time of total relaxation and fun, forgetting any if’s, but’s , must’s and commitments. Just Be in the moment and breathe, play, enjoy nature, enjoy an activity, friends whatever it is that makes your heart sing. From this place of relaxation and surrender the ultimate creativity and insights are born, revealing the immediate next steps forward. Isn’t that incredibly easy, who would have thought! I do what I like doing and get rewarded the same time!!! ….. Remember: God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th ….

I invite you to organize your Chill out/ rest time! To take your time of Relaxation and Surrender very SERIOUSLY 😉

Daily: Commit to ½ hour for YOU! Do something you really enjoy doing- be it photography, art, sport, writing, singing, meditating, sleeping ….

Weekly: Commit to 1 day per week to just BE! Relax, surrender and listen. Attention: Have notepad handy, as you might spill over with creative ideas!

Have a fun, wonderful and empowered week

With love,

Martina Kreiner


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Looking to pump up the volume? Reflection

If you want something new, Be open to receiving it from anywhere, any place, any person! There is a very common pattern in all of us called ‘Blame others’, which of course I have practiced myself for a very long time. Often we blame our partner because life seems dull and routine, or we blame our job for its monotony, or we blame our children for being naughty and too much work.  I believe first of all it is important to STOP the Blame game and START TO LOOK within. If somebody blames you for whatever reason, just be ok with it- no judgment, and ponder what this situation reflects to/for you. Remember it is all a reflection.

You have now stopped a re-occurring pattern and also changed a lower, heavier vibration of blame and fear into a higher vibration of curiosity and self-love. Isn’t that empowering and exciting? So it is totally up to you how you react and act in a certain situation and consciously create your life’s experiences. You are the creator of your life! This process is supported by tuning in, meditating, expanding your heart, finding your heart-space, allowing your energies to flow and seek YOUR answers within. When you are in your own flow inside, life on the outside starts to flow.

Never forget to look after this precious inner Friend, who lovingly and unconditionally supports you at all times.


With love,

Martina Kreiner

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