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Welcome to the Simply.Me World. You have come to a place where you are fully accepted, absolutely embraced and welcomed, simply the way you are. We invite you to explore the Simply.Me World with us, where Being Simply oneself is the ultimate goal. To enter the Simply.Me World you have to leave your EGO behind. We invite you to do so right now. Just put it in the pin provided here: 


The time to let go of old ways of thinking, believing, speaking and doing is NOW.
The time to heal the relationship to your Self in order to support and heal your loved ones is NOW.
The time to take responsibility over your life circumstances and situations is NOW.
The time to be courageous and be the change you want to see in your world is NOW.
The time to walk your Life in confidence, harmony, joy and love is NOW.
The time to live a Simply.Me Lifestyle is Now.

To celebrate my son’s health and the well-Being of my entire family, I am offering a limited amount of free Fear-Booster-Guidance-Sessions. I invite you to read my story and be inspired to make your change to Health and Happiness.

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But…. How to step into change? How to stop the worry for your loved ones? How to help your child, your partner your family to heal? How to change the insecurities, hopelessness and overwhelm you feel in daily life? How to change the automated thought patterns, beliefs and programs running your current life? How to take your Inner Power back?

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In my experience this journey of Self Mastery starts with a commitment to your Self – the Simply.Me that resides deep within your heart! As you shift your focus to your Self, you start to heal all those little hurts and sorrow that have accumulated over time. As you heal the relationship to your Self,  you support the healing of those around you.  

In my world, this is the only way to receive Inner Peace, live a harmonious life and achieve long-lasting healing results.

‘My Path to Self Mastery started with the life-changing event of becoming a mother and having to deal with serious health issues presented to me by my first born. Out of desperation, fear and worry I looked into and learned all kinds of alternative healing methods and therapies in order to find a way to heal my son. Soon I realised in order to support my son’s healing, I have to heal the relationship to my Self and my heart. Initially I felt waves of resistance and egoistic to shift the focus to me instead of my son. But I soon received real proof! As I started to feel better, my son’s health improved with it. And solution to support his health were found much easier. Since then, my entire life changed! I now offer all the knowing and knowledge that has come to pass through me within the SIMPLY.ME World and Guidance Program to Balance and Harmony. A platform and guide to support you and your relatives to a Simply.Me lifestyle, where Being Simply oneself is the ultimate goal.’

The SIMPLY.ME Guidance Program to Balance and Harmony is a platform and guide to support you and your relatives to a Simply.Me Lifestyle, where Being Simply oneself is the ultimate goal. By tapping into your innermost power and uniqueness, all of life factors will fall into place.


Within the SIMPLY.ME Guidance Program I support you to get to know your true Self, uncover any hidden challenges, awaken your intuition, improve the connection to your heart’s voice, discover your purpose and passion and much more.

Are you worried over the health and future of your child? I support you in finding the best solutions to look after your loved ones and to find the confidence and strength within you, to be their role model by SIMPLY BEING YOU.

The SIMPLY ME Guidance Program  is created to support you

  • To live a Simply.Me Lifestyle
  • To heal the relationship to yourself
  • To discover and reconnect to your true perfect Self
  • To reconnect you to the Energies (World) that surrounds you and you are part of
    (Mother Earth, the Elements, the Plant and Animal Kingdom, the Cosmo….) tapping into the wisdom of Ancient traditions such as the Native American Wisdom.
  • Awaken your Creatorship – To shift from Victimhood to being a Creator
  • Awaken and Sensitising your Senses
  • Awaken your Intuition
  • Awaken and open your Heart – Get to know your heart’s voice
  • Awaken the divine Gifts you carry within
  • Awaken and remember your passion and purpose
  • Getting to know and working with your Energy Body
  • Becoming a conscious creator of your Life
  • Becoming the role model for your young, family and friends
  • Tapping into your Simply.Me
  • And much more

The SIMPLY.ME Guidance Program  follows the Seasonal Cycle of Mother Earth,  which mirrors your very own Life Cycle.  Each year has 4 Seasons. This Guidance Program has 4 Seasons/Segments. On our journey you will get to the know the energies each Season holds for you. And how to implement and use them for your goals, intents and desired Life’s Vision. I introduce you to the Season’s related Element, Virtue, Spirit Animal, Moon Cycle and much more. In many ancient traditions we find conversations about our sacred connection to our environment. In our modern life, the majority of humankind has forgotten about this very sacred connection. My aim within the SIMPLY.ME Guidance program is to support you to rediscover this connection, awaken your Inner Power and how you will be able to implement the channelled teachings within your life. And how to create your personal Simply.Me Toolkit.

As you live in commitment to yourself and your connection be prepared and welcome major changes and transformation in your life.

A very important part of this program, is not just talking about it, but actually using the tools and wisdom shared. I can only suggest, share and invite you to try different tools and to see a different aspect. You have to take the step through resistance, tears, laughter and joy into divine bliss.

By joining the SIMPLY.ME Guidance Program you make the choice to reconnect to your Self, to Mother Earth and the Cosmo and to allow yourself to receive the supportive and nurturing Energies that surround you at all times.

To start your journey, right now I offer a Personal 1:1 Guidance Session:

Free Guidance Session - fear booster guidance session Kopie

Let’s dive into it right now, make your choice and book your Spot:


SIMPLY.ME Guidance Program: WHAT TO EXPECT? * (*applies to yearly membership)

To start your journey please sign up for your Personal 1:1 Guidance Session here:

‘Finally SIMPLY.ME Activation and Guidance Session

 To commence your journey you receive:

    Fortnightly Group Guidance Calls (2 x calls per Month)
    Each Segment starts with a call introducing you to the Seasonal Energy.
    Every Guidance Call includes a Topic, a channelled Energy Journeys and a Q & A Session at the End. (please bring your topic, challenges forward)
    12 x MOON ENERGY CALLS (12+1 call/year)
    4 x SEASONAL CELEBRATION CALLS (4 calls/year)

    *applies to yearly membership
  • 4 x GROUP HEALING TALE(1 x GHT per segment. Total: 4/year) 
  • 4 x GROUP BALANCE & HARMONY Process(1 x GHT per segment. Total: 4/year) 
    Goal Setting for upcoming cycle and year. Review of the previous Goal-List
  • AFFIRMATIONS(1 per Segment. Total: 4/year) 
    Daily Individual and Group Energy Boosts throughout the program.
    I include the power of the Cosmo with the Sun, Moon and the Stars to supercharge your goals and intents.
    containing a variety of Healing Tales Energy Journeys (Activation, Clearance and Harmonizers) to support you on a daily Basis.
  • PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP AREAto share within the safe surroundings of fellow members.



The SIMPLY.ME Guidance Program is divided into 4 segments following the Seasonal Cycle of Mother Earth.

guidance-program-autumn guidance-program-winter

guidance-program-summer guidance-program-spring
Spring is the time of New Beginnings where you plant your seeds (as in goals and intents). Summer is the time of Abundant Growth and tuning into your physical Body, fully experiencing your life on earth in a physical Body. Autumn is the time of Gratitude and Harvest. It is time to humbly receive from the universe what you have sown in Spring time. Winter is the time to go deep within and listen to your inner wisdom’s stories.

Join me for a full cycle through the Seasons and experience a shift in your Awareness, and how you perceive your life.



  • Introduction to the Season, and the very unique Energetic fingerprint and Energy it holds
  • Introduction to the related Element, Virtue, Spirit Animal, Moon Cycle and much more.
  • Fortnightly Group Guidance Call with Q & A
  • Awaken your Inner Star Membership
  • 1 x Group Healing Tale Energy Journey
  • 1 x Group Balance and Harmony Process
  • Daily Energy Boosts
  • Stellar Boosts and Activations to support your Healing and Manifestation process
  • Body Balance Package
  • Suggestions of a variety of tools in how to harness and use the Energies for your Personal Growth
  • Invitation to dive into the Energy of the Season and receive it for your Life’s Vision.
  • Suggestions how to implement the teachings within your life
  • Private Membership Area to exchange
  • Expect the unexpected surprises!



If you have read the page up to this point, be assured you are where you should be: Right here, Right now.

 To start your journey, I offer a Personal 1:1 Guidance Session:

Free Guidance Session - fear booster guidance session Kopie

Let’s dive into it right now, make your choice and book your Spot:



Interested and not yet ready for your session? Please do email me and allow me to support your decision making process through your fear arising:


SIMPLY.ME Guidance Program: JOIN US

SimplyMe Guidance Program - yearly payment

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To experience Balance and Harmony throughout your life, you have to become aware of the Entirety of your Being and your connection to All there is. Everything is Energy and everything is connected. You are connected to Mother Earth with all the Elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air). You are connected to the Cosmo with the Sun, Grandmother Moon and all the stars and planets. You are connected to Nature with the Rock, Plant and Animal Kingdom. We are all connected.

The Entirety of your Being includes your Physical and your Subtle Bodies, which consists of various layers. The four main Bodies are:

Sacred Circle2

Physical Body:
The Relationship to your Health

Emotional Body: The Relationship to yourself and Others

Mental Body: The Relationship to your Mind/Thoughts.
The Relationship to your Finances, Career and desired Life experiences

Spiritual Body: The Relationship to your higher Self




 To start your journey, I offer a Personal 1:1 Guidance Session:

Free Guidance Session - fear booster guidance session Kopie

Let’s dive into it right now, make your choice and book your Spot:

With love and gratitude

Martina Kreiner

Martina Kreiner

P.S If you are interested in a Personal Guidance, please do contact me and Let’s have a talk!


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