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Your journey to EMPOWER & BALANCE YOUR SELF starts now! Realign your mind-set to a joyous & positive life!

FREE 5 Day – 5 Steps E-mail Program, no strings! $ 197 Value!


With the Program ‘5 Steps to Empower your Self’  I help you

Step 1: START
Step 4: Your Power to CLEANSE & HARMONIZE your Self

And be assured the next 5 days are filled with lots of powerful Healing Tales, Activations, Clearings and Balancing Journeys to get your journey started or gently pushed forward! I will personally guide you through the process and help you fearlessly to take full responsibility for your own life and circumstances. 

This program is for you if you are:

  • Silently struggling with your life!
  • Fear of making the wrong decision
  • Strained relationships, difficult partners, or feeling abandoned.
  • Job stress and financial situations that are no longer or have never have been beneficial for you?
  • Running the belief: ‘Life is a struggle and that is the way it is. That is how it always has been!’
  • Do you feel stuck where you currently are?
  • Feeling Undeserving, Unworthy and powerless.
  • Feeling unhappy, unloved, depressed, frozen in the moment, out of place and lost
  • And you don’t know where to start and what to do!!
  • If just someone would please help!

Well, this someone helping you is YOU! But I am offering YOU my helping hand!

Together, we will find and reach your true you, no more escaping! But, I need you to be ready! I need you to be willing to work on your Self. But together we will address those negative patterns in your memories. Clear blockages, suppressed pain, and clear unwanted beliefs.  I will guide and work with you and together we will resolve your issues and reveal the true you!

Are you ready for 5 day’s with me and Healing Tales? Are you ready for Transformation? Are you ready to Empower your Self? Are you ready to make YOUR change! Are you ready to meet the true YOU? Are you ready to take full responsibility for your life, right now?
Receive a
Step-By-Step strategy and Guide to walk your inner spiritual Journey with confidence!

5 Day – 5 Steps E-mail Program, no strings!


I am honored to be part of your Journey.

With Love and Gratitude

personal healing tale Kopie
Martina Kreiner


PS.  Here is what others experienced on our Journey together:

In my work, I’ve experienced a wide range of healing modalities, but nothing even remotely like Martina Kreiner’s “Healing Tales.” These aren’t just stories with a lesson. The only way I can describe it is that these stories have energetic qualities that have a visceral impact on the listener…and when she creates a PERSONAL tale for you, WOW! Her intuitive ability is astounding, and you just won’t believe the shift that occurs for you after simply listening! Definitely one of the most enjoyable and relaxing methods of healing and release I’ve ever experienced! ~ Bob Doyle – Featured teacher in “The Secret” and creator of the “Wealth Beyond Reason” program.

“Martina’s healing tale was such a surprise! I didn’t realize that the power of story when told through an intuitive tapping into your soul could be so powerfully shifting at such a deep level. Her healing tale she did for me had me seeing an aspect of myself and my past that I hadn’t seen before, and wouldn’t have otherwise without this unique beautiful approach. It’s been wonderfully healing as I move forward in my life.” ~ Lynn Rose

‘It’s rare now a days to find bright, talented, creative and outstanding intuitive healers that walk on our stage and blow us away! Martina Kreiner is just that. Martina and I are beautiful healers that crossed path’s in a class we took together. Did not know each other at the time but reaching out to assist her son I got to experience something truly amazing. Martina’s ability to intuitively go into your energy and see, feel and observe what is currently going on is so accurate. Her visions of the situation are then gently and compassionately told in a story through her travels with you. Martina then created in a story telling adventure, assists you to break the negative emotions and transform them into positive one. I was impressed how easy the process was. Her voice is gentle, soft and very appealing to listen to and you cannot help but get excited to receive your tale and listen to it. Healing with Tales modality is unique, quick and easy to follow and I would highly recommend Healing With Tales for anyone who is wanting to take that next step into expansion. Thank you Martina for assisting me in transforming my life into an expansive being of light!’ ~Jacquie Cook

 ‘Fascinating! After years of seeking the right modality I found Martina’s Healing Tales. Her touching Tales opened a path to transform my physical and mental hurts and pains. I often blamed the universe or anybody else for my fate, now I am grateful and empowered! I take responsibility for my life and circumstances and I am able to accept and understand the importance of my difficult life so far. Martina’s gift has touched my soul, and her work is an incredible gift to the world. Martina, thank you for sharing your gift with us!’ ~ Kerstin Eichberger


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