Body Balance #1


At Healing with Tales we believe it to be very important to bring the Entirety of You, that is your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Body in total Alignment, Balance and Harmony. The Healing with Tales Body Balance package #1 supports the Alignment, Balance and Harmony of your Physical Body.

HOW DOES IT WORK? All you have to do is to open up your heart, listen to the Tales and allow the healing Energy to transmute all energies that are no longer beneficial for you. You can release trapped emotions with Healing Tales Journeys. You can cleanse and harmonize your Energy Body with the Healing Tales Balance and Harmony Journey. You can activate Love, Faith and Unwavering Trust and more with Healing Tales Activations. And please remember, by transmuting trapped emotions, beliefs and patterns that are no longer beneficial for you, you create space within YOU. This space can now be filled with your INTENTS, GOALS AND DREAMS. 

Laughing guy closeupAs you listen through the Healing with Tales Physical Health package, allow all of your Bodies to be aligned, balanced and harmonised. Allow your focus to shift from release and transformation to INTENT AND GOALS. Be playful!

What is your intent and goal for the upcoming month?
What does it feel like to have reached your intent and goal? Feel it!
What does your ideal life vision look like?

To deepen the transformative Outcome make it a habit to journal all your experiences, to write down your Daily Affirmations and create a Daily Practice for yourself.


The Healing with Tales Body Balance package is split in 4 parts to allow you to pick and choose:






1 x          Healing Tale Activation (Format: MP3)
               With the Healing Tales Activation ‘Wholeness Within’ you can activate your Wholeness within.

1 x          Healing Tale Balance and Harmony Journey (Format: MP3)
               With the ‘Five Elements Journey’ you can balance and harmonize your Energy Body, and journey deep within.

2 x          Healing Tale Journey (Format: MP3, PDF)
               With the Healing Tales ‘Life Cycle and Graveyard’ you can release and transform trapped emotions.

1 x          Healing Tale Daily Affirmation (Format: MP3)
               With the Daily Affirmation ‘Earth Angel’ you can manifest new goals and intents in your life.

1 x          Live Call Replay from the Inner Power Workshop.
               Topic: Healthy Body Balance: The Energy Body. Includes a live Healing Tale reading!



1 Payment $ 47 (value $ 57)

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