Personal Healing Tale

I invite you to use the Power of Personal Healing Tales to transcend issues that hold you back from achieving your true potential. To create a Personal Healing Tale, I tune into your own personal energy field and take you on a meditative journey to find and release the most pressing issues at hand. I will work with you, to help you transcend and engage positive influences and to support you for real change.

 Your Personal Healing Tale

With a Personal Healing Tale we will embark on a journey of constructive transformation, and a process of continuous development.


How do I connect with a person?
I connect through the person’s name, writing, and pictures.  

How do I create Personal Healing Tales?
Once I have connected, I will take the person’s spirit on a meditative journey. On our journey we will be guided to the lifetime where we need to start the emotion release. Once we’ve arrived at our destination, I will instantly receive and retrieve the tale. As I am taking the place of the person, I will strongly feel the evoked trapped emotion and energy. Returning from our journey, I will write and record the tale, to communicate its content, vibrational energy, and experience so it is not only heard but felt and experienced by both the logical mind and the heart. This is what allows the healing and the transformation of the vibrational energy to take place.  

How do I release the trapped emotion? Do I feel the release?
Once the tale is finished, I will move into a release process, as it is important not only to be aware, but to accept and transform the trapped emotion at hand. The release process is accompanied by a healing painting, specially created by Lynda Davis Jeha to enhance the release and the healing properties of the tale. And please remember, everybody reacts differently to emotion release. It ranges from tears and deep emotions to no apparent reaction at all. But be assured, you are always receiving the healing energy, aware or unaware.

How do I stay aligned with the release?
Along with the tale itself, you’ll also receive a daily meditation that will help you stay aligned with the release you will have experienced.  

How do I find out more about the healing and release paintings?
Please contact the artist Lynda Davis Jeha on  

How many tales do I need? One tale or more?
All of us are on various parts on our journey and have accumulated a collection of tales. For the best outcome I suggest going on a storytelling journey, where we start with one tale and see where we are guided to. For a price plan, please click here.  

Can I tune in to particular physical or mental issues?
Yes. If there is a physical or mental issue that needs looking at, I can tune in to that and journey to where the base cause of the problem lies and release that trapped emotion right at the core.  

What can I expect?

  •  UPON purchase, I will contact you per email to discuss Your Personal Healing Tale, and any specific issues you may want me to take on our meditative journey!
  • Thereafter I retrieve Your Personal Healing Tale, create 1 x  Your Personal Healing Tale recorded (mp3) (containing Introduction, Healing Tale, Release Process and Daily Mediation)1 x pdf, containing the above in writing (the pdf also includes a Release Painting specially created to gently support your healing and release process)
  •  Within a week YOU receive an email from me with a link, where you are able to retrieve your Your Personal Healing Tale. All you need to do is listen!
  • BONUS: Personal email contact with me for 2 weeks upon order for questions and coaching in regards to Healing Tale, Release Process,Daily Meditation and Practice.
  • Should you have any further questions please do email me on

  Your Personal Healing Tale

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