Awaken your INNER STAR

 Calls are recorded in English and German. Aufnahme in Englisch und Deutsch.

What is an ‚Awaken YOUR INNER STAR‘?

 IMG_465412 x channelled Moon & Stellar Healing Tales (Energy Journeys), held at every New Moon.

New: As off now I am guided to hold a combination of Healing Tales and silent Energy Journey’s combined with channelled energy drawings. This is a different way off channelling the energies being shared, and allowing you to receive your very personal and individual Healing Tale within your sacred heart space. How exciting, each Month will be a new surprise.

*Calls are pre-recorded and send to you at every New Moon

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1. What is a Moon & Stellar Healing Tale (Energy Journey)?

How to use the Moon’s loving energy to support your Personal and Spiritual Growth? Receive the powerful and healing energies the Moon is sharing with us every month.

We are all connected: Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, all Elements, the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdom and us Human Beings – We are all related, we are all one Energy! As we walk our inner Journey it is important to be aware of the natural rhythms of your surroundings: The gentle rotation of our Earth around the Sun, the changing Seasons throughout the year, the Cycles of the Moon throughout each individual month, the changing Elements throughout each day. Each cycle has a unique set of Energies related to it. And it is offered to us lovingly to support our personal and spiritual growth.

In the MOON & STELLAR ENERGY JOURNEY I will focus on our relationship with the Moon and the related Zodiac sign. Every annual Moon cycle contains 12 moons in a 29 day rhythm. Each Moon Cycle and related Zodiac Sign has a specific Energy related to it.

I invite you to harness this unique, powerful and magical Energy the moon is sharing with us. Use it to supercharge the upcoming month, utilize the energy to anticipate opportunity, take action and walk your inner Journey fully and consciously supported by the Universe.

What can you expect from the Moon ENERGY  Call:

  • 30 – 50 min recorded Call and Energy Journey
  • Silent Healing Tale to integrate this Month’s Moon and Stellar energy.
  • Channelled Energy Drawing called Moon Mandala for you to colour in at your own pace and in your own time.
  • This Month’s Moon and related Zodiac Sign explained, and what this could imply for you and your projects.
  • A general explanation of the Moon cycles and the importance to raise your awareness to your natural surroundings , Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, all Elements, the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdom.
  • Increase your ability to lovingly harness the energies offered by the Moon and the entire Universe.
  • Access to the Inner Power Circle Facebook Group for exchange with like-minded people.

Remember, the moon governs all waters, not only the ebb and flow of the great oceans but also the ebb and flow our bodily fluids. We do consist of more than 70 % water. Allow the Moon’s energy to support you on your path to infinite love, joy and abundance. Ultimately your way back home with ease and grace. Trust the universe and it’s unconditional, limitless support.



I look forward to journey with you through the year 2017.

Monthly Recurring Access for $ 11.88 
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‚Everything is Energy and everything is connected.
You are connected to Mother Earth with all the Seasons- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
You are connected to Mother Earth with all the Elements- Fire, Earth, Water and Air
Your are connected to the Plant, Animal and Rock Kingdom
You are connected to the Cosmo with the Sun, Grandmother Moon and all the stars and planets.‘