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[BIG ANNOUNCEMENT] You will not believe this …HeeHee

puttygen ssh ,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 14px;“>Hey, fellow travelers!

Every Day I receive emails from people who have been doing everything they know to do for their own personal growth and are still not seeing the kind of results they want. They are still stuck in their struggle!

They have tried every modality there is, gone to live events, hired coaches, spent thousands of dollars on trainings and unfortunately still aren’t seeing the results they want.

Why? Because I believe THE TRUE TEACHER AND GUIDE rests within and NOT without!

Every GREAT person, modality, book, interview we resonate with brings us closer to our very own INNER GUIDANCE! It is important to feel empowered to see it that way!

Literally. I asked my Guidance what am I supposed to do? I sat under the tree in our backyard and listened.

He said: ‚Give your blessings away. Create a package that EMPOWERS EVERYONE listening to it! Give it for FREE.‘

I took a deep breath. ‚You want me to put this together and see what happens? Really?‘

Then I heard, ‚Yes, create it with all your love, find ways to reach your people and let me do the rest.‘

So I did it. I am stepping out of the boat and jumping into the water. I am giving away this program with all its Healing Tales, Activation and Clearings … for free to empower YOU!

Will you join me?
There is nothing holding you back now. NOTHING.

For more details – here it is:

I love you and I believe in you.


Martina Kreiner

ps …. there really is no risk, no cost, no nothing. All you have to do is click below if you have just a tiny grain of mustard size faith left. Then we’ll do this together, just and me and the rest of like-minded people who are done with just struggling.

What is Storytelling to you?

I can imagine  ….. You know by now ‚I JUST LOVE TELLING TALES‘, all types of diffent tales!!!!! Big SmileSweet Kiss

Historically, storytelling has been around for thousands of years as a means for entertainment, education, communication and bridging cultural, linguistic and age-related divides. The earliest historic evidence comes from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Furthermore we find storytelling in all major countries such as Africa, Ancient Greece, China, India, Australian aborigines and not to forget the Native American.

Now, I just came across an Article on ‚Siberian Shamanism and Storytelling‘ ….. I thought this part is rather interesting:
‚From time beyond memory shamans have been healing illness, divining causes for weather patterns and human behavior, leading ceremonials, and accompanying the souls of the dead to the next world. The word shaman comes from the Tungus language family, widespread over much of Siberia. Shamans make and maintain contact with the spirits of nature and of people’s ancestors, who help them to negotiate the world beyond what we see with our physical eyes in order to sustain balance between the worlds of body and spirit. Over the last hundred or more years, the gift has passed down through certain families. Before that it seems to have fallen more at random—the candidate chosen individually by the spirits. Both hereditary and non-hereditary shamans and their families report early signs of contact with spirits, (such as predicting the future, memory of past lives,understanding foreign languages, an active dream life, or signs on the body), and/or an undiagnosable illness which may strike at almost any time of life and last over a number of years, and which is only healed through consecration as a shaman. From the inner point of view, what is going on during this illness is initiation by the spirits, often very harsh. The novice may travel in a dream-like state through the unknown geography of the spiritual world, meeting helpers and opponents. ‚

To end this post about Storytelling, here is a different type of Tale …. I love children (of all ages Wink) and of course I also have tales for them … or they for us?

With Love
Martina Kreiner
personal healing tale Kopie

What if it works? Read what others say about Healing Tales!

I may not be able to qua
ntify what I do by numbers and science but through my intervention

I might convince you to see your very own light and choose another path! ~ Martina Kreiner




Below I am posting a Testimonial I received the other day. Upon reading it I was so touched, I just had to let you all know!  I am so honored and grateful to be able to share my gifts with YOU and the World! Thank you!

‚Fascinating! After years of seeking the right modality I found Martina’s Healing Tales. Her touching Tales opened a path to transform my physical and mental hurts and pains. I often blamed the universe or anybody else for my fate, now I am grateful and empowered! I take responsibility for my life and circumstances and I am able to accept and understand the importance of my difficult life so far. Martina’s gift has touched my soul, and her work is an incredible gift to the world. Martina, thank you for sharing your gift with us!‘

‚I was amazed and fascinated to experience Martina’s abilities in her work with me. She seemed to really know me and intuitively know where I had my problems. During the Total Balance and Harmony Process I very obviously experienced the shifts and changes in my physical body. The pains in my back, that have been with me for years, started to ease and even weeks after the process I can still feel the changes. Since I started to work with Martina, my life has changed in a very positive ways. I have suffered from depressions a lot of years and only now I am  beginning to see those difficult circumstances I have been into and created for myself, in a different light. Now I am thinking of my ‚hurdles and issues‘ as the best things that ever could have happened to me. I start to understand the coherence and I am very grateful about that. Dear Martina, I thank you so much for your help, guidance and encouragement that allowed me to fearlessly embark on my inner journey to find and discover my Self!‘ ~ K. Eichberger

With Love
Martina Kreiner
personal healing tale Kopie

Finally BEING ME! Are you willing to find your true you?

personal healing tale KopieWell, ALL this….. by that I mean Healing Tales, the Children Tales (soon to be released), my urge to help, serve and guide everyone that resonates with my work, means so incredibly much to me! I want to take this moment of NOW to share my story with you. To show you per example what amazing shifts can happen when you are willing to open up to your darkest fears within yourself. When you give them a huuuuuuuuuge big loving hug and hence with release them and the emotion associated with it!

About five years ago life forced me to make a decision, as I was not prepared to act on my own accord! Option 1: I could stay where I was! That being stressed, a worried mother frantically battling with doctors and therapists, unhappy in my relationship, overwhelmed in my business venture, and in general with my life. Everybody seemed to be smarter, happier, have more success and look better than me! Judgement, after judgment after judgment! I really hit a dead end, and did not know which turn to take. Option 2: Instead of blaming the entire world around me, I could start looking within myself and see what I find there! But how do I do that? Where do I start? Big question mark?

Meditation, OMG, I do not want to do that, how boring…..or was I just afraid of what I might find inside! Daily Affirmations, I am soooooooo busy I have no time for that! Emotion Release! What is that? How do I do that? What is it anyhow? What!!  I can talk to the aching Body part, release the trapped emotion and the pain associated with it!!! This definitely blew my limiting beliefs and thought patterns! Just as well!!!

…. One excuse after another came up, and yet I was still on my very own never-ending, repeating Treadmill. Then in my desperation, crying my eyes out, I finally started to read a ‘so-called’ spiritual book that was given to me years prior. I am sure in this moment all the Angels and Light-beings rejoiced that I finally got the message, at least a glimpse of it!

Well from there it was a blast on a roller-coaster. Reading, Learning, Listening…. Reading, Experimenting, Releasing, Creating …..Meditating, Listening, Following Guidance, Releasing, Creating, Writing…Crying, Doubting …AHA Moments…Daily Practice, Dimensions, Channeling, Creating, Writing….. Healing Tales…. It is time to share it with the world! Wow, I feel so blessed to be able to help!

If you are still here reading this very personal blurb, thank you for taking the time and thank you for being YOU and caring for your SELF! Namaste

With infinite Gratitude and Love


My HEALTHY Chocolate! You want some?

I received so many emails about this.
What is a Personal Healing Tale and How many do I need?

My dear friends, in regards to What is a Personal Healing Tale? Please take a minute to watch the little video below, which explains Healing Tales in a NUTSHELL!  (Better to listen to my voice, than boring written words Kiss)

How many Personal Healing Tales do I need? Well, here is the way I see it! I believe our overall journey can be compared to a big book consisting of lots of different chapters. The chapters being our various lifetimes, our circumstances, experiences and lessons! All lifetimes, like chapters of a book, are all interconnected. With one Personal Healing Tale, we  tap into a variety of lifetimes and blocked emotions/energies. The healing vibrations of the tale will dissolve and transmute the blockages discovered and create a ripple effect throughout your entire personal book, your entire journey. Throughout all chapters!
I believe we all have lots of different tales to tell! Each Personal Healing Tale will create a ripple effect and move us forward and upward towards our vision, towards what we are here to do, towards a stronger connection to SELF, towards expansion, towards pure LOVE and KNOWING!

For that reason I created Universal Healing Tales where I address lessons and issues that are common to all of us as a collective. Universal Healing Tales are a collection of categories tackling common issues such as letting go of fear, heartache and sadness, insecurity and doubt, self-love issues, blocked abundance in money, career, love and health, and disconnection.

In a nutshell … I believe our journey is a continuous process of expansion where Healing Tales can form a helpful tool! Give it a try!

And don’t forget I am always here to help!

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line

With love
Martina Kreiner
personal healing tale Kopie






Insane! Spiritual message of the Goat


Trial and Error

I do hope you remember these crazy goats, when things next get a little challenging! (I use this picture as my screen saver!)

It reminds me to never give up! It reminds me to persevere against all odds! It reminds me to experiment and have fun!
It reminds me to just BE and DO what I am guided too! (Not sure how many goats think it is a good idea to climb a tree!)

Usually when we face our darkest fears, we make the biggest shifts, we have the greatest breakthroughs,
we have the most amazing AHA moments, we unexpectedly meet someone very special …….

Well even more interesting is the spiritual meaning of goats:
The goat talks to us about sampling a little bit of everything to know more deeply the world around us.
It speaks of discrimination and a willingness to explore and hold out for that which is desired.
Keywords: Faith, Peace, Respect, Balance, Dignity, Courage, Curiosity, Initiation

On this note ….. allow a bit more CRAZY GOAT in your life Wink

In Love and Gratitude
Martina healingwithtalesstars

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‚What’s the catch?‘ Give, Receive, Share! All Energy, isn’t it!?

Hello wonderful YOU!Martina Kreiner

As the subject of GIVING, RECEIVING and SHARING keeps on popping up for me
Today is all about GIVING and the MAGIC of RECEIVING!

I personally find it is a fine-tuned balance between following your intuition when to give and in turn allow yourself to receive!
The way I understand it, it is all ENERGY and hence on an energy level there is no difference between giving and receiving, it just IS!

How do I incorporate that in my daily life? In my daily life I decide to listen to my heart, my instinct, my intuition every moment of NOW,
and make a decision which one it will be – Do I give, Do I receive, Do I share? No set rules or structures, but a continuous flow of energy exchange!



I found this picture the other day …. What is it they do?
Is one giving to the other?
Is one receiving from the other?
Are they sharing?
Are they helping each other out?


What do you think?


I would love to hear your feedback on this subject! I feel we all need a little balance around this subject!!!

Have an amazing day


PS: I know it’s a rather interesting picture … but if you are reading this, it did it’s JOB! Thank you!!!