Earth is a Master Class

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Today I want to talk about a subject where I feel I am testing myself over and over again – UNWAVERING LOVE AND TRUST in continuing on the Inner Journey as divinely guided within. No matter what the outside environment reflects back at any given moment.

Most of my life I have been striving to work toward something almost 24/7. Once that something was achieved, I started a new project. Without a project to work on I felt lost. Looking at this automatic behavior and pattern from a distance I now notice the marathon I have been running throughout my life. Once I started my Inner Journey I slowed this pattern down to the point where I transformed it and broke out of my self-created limited cage. … To discover other patterns I was subconsciously running … so I keep on working, expanding, loving my Self and hence-with changing the world I live in. On that Inner Path I discovered the gifts I hold within and the mission I set for myself on a Soul Level. And I honestly can say, it does come with challenges and loving oneself through a challenge is another challenge in itself. So more love it needed…… 🙂

Anyhow, a few days ago I was prompted to watch a short Video-clip by Darryl Anka, who channels a Being called Bashar. ( At the end he mentions something that struck me very deep: ‘Life on Earth is not a Kindergarten, it is a Master Class…’

I really invite you to take 5 min to watch this clip and allow these gentle energies to nourish your Being.
And shift your awareness that 1 % that allows you to be a bit more gentle and loving with your Self.

Have fun and a wonderful, empowered week

With love,

Martina Kreiner
Martina Kreiner


PS. I am a guest on the Efactor Radio Show this upcoming Wednesday, 4th November 2015 @ 3 pm Eastern. Here is my invitation to you to join us and listen to one of the latest Healing Tales Energy Journeys. I look forward to see you there.

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