Who is Martina?

MartinaK61Martina Kreiner was born and raised in Austria, in the most amazing and tranquil surroundings of the Alps. As a young adult, Martina wanted to see the world and widen her horizons, so she moved to London, England, to fulfil her dream of becoming a designer. Her years of experience working in various design studios led Martina to start her own business in the refurbishment industry as a designer and project manager. During this time, she was not only successful with her business venture but also gave birth to her two children, one of whom developed health challenges. The life-changing events of becoming a mother and having to deal with serious health issues changed Martina’s path and started her on her own inner journey to truly find herself. Along the way, she learned various techniques of alternative therapies to be able to help her family and herself. Martina explored emotion release and energy flow through the use of the pendulum, intuition, and energy work, and her discovery of her passion and vision led her to a deeper and fuller understanding of who she truly is and what she is here to do. Although not trained as a writer, Martina started to write children’s books, which continue to flow out of her. Her strong vision of creating support for children by helping them to connect with their invisible friends and the immense power they hold within them is very dear to her heart. But this was just the beginning of her storyteller’s journey. By opening herself up to new experiences and fully embracing her reinvention, Martina discovered the intuitive gifts within her, including the ability to discern people’s past lives.  This unique gift allows her to retrieve and receive tales from other lifetimes, revealing trapped emotions and energies affecting one’s current life. These tales help people discover the challenges that were experienced in a different time, age, and personality, and Martina uses her gifts to help us overcome those challenges. Through work on herself, family and friends, Martina has come to understand that this trapped lower-vibrational energy reveals lessons that have not fully been learned and completed, and she has gained a deep understanding of the importance of emotion release. For more information please contact us on info@healingwithtales.com

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