Happy Birthday!

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April is my Birthday month! April is part of Springtime representing the Energy of New Beginnings, whether the New Beginnings are large or small.

A few weeks ago I attended a beautiful spiritual retreat, where I not only connected with wonderful people, breathtaking countryside but also with my SELF and the Power I carry within. Now of course, walking my journey with love and commitment for some time I thought I have met my Inner Power, and  I have met my Self…. Yet there is always another deeper layer, more expansion of Ones inner wisdom and strength to be uncovered. This expansion changed my Inner World yet again.  As the Inner World changes, the Outer World (Reality) needs a little time to adjust and catch up. This means,  going through a period of letting go off all that is no longer beneficial. May that be relationships puttygen ssh , patterns, programs, emotions, situations, experiences, thoughts, whatever it is it is time to allow it to transform …. and sometimes this process may be a little challenging and painful.

But in order to have sufficient space and nutrition for your new seeds (as in desired goals and intents) to grow, we first have to create space!

With that being said, I am currently going through a substantial ‚Letting go and Planting my Seed phase!‘. fully allowing this process to unwind and open up within my life has created a new Healing Tale, which is called

‚The Goddess/God within‘ – Download Here

– and as it is my Birthday month, this is my Birthday Gift to you!

So I invite you to merge with the Goddess and God within you and step into your light and passion

With Love and Gratitude


Martina Kreiner

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