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Happy Thanks Giving! A day of celebration and family. For some a joy for others a dread. Now, we are in the Season of Autumn which is closely linked to the Emotional Body and the Element of Water as per the Native American Medicine Wheel. As over the years I have more and more tuned into the Energies of every Season and Cycle, by now I am automatically guided to look at the various areas of my lifetime experiences and where transformation is needed to hold more love and light.

Over the last few weeks I was prompted by the Divine to truly look deep within the Family Dynamics and Generational Healing in this Lifetime experience. This lead me to my early childhood, time in the womb and even before that. I can tell you I have been on a rather intense ride to dissolve and transform blockages and experiences, which consciously I was not aware off. Well I was aware, that I do not remember anything about my childhood, well now I do now 🙂

diamond-161739_1280After shedding many tears, anger, frustration, confusion and also disbelief that everything in my Life over the last two weeks seemingly was going wrong. Such as difficulties with the delicate order of the gravestone for my dad’s grave, issues with my neighbours sending horribly, anonymous letters to me … and lots more. And I thought: ‘Why is this happening to me? I am peaceful. I am love. I am a light-being, I walk the talk….. You get my drift, right.

Now today I had a huge Ahaaa moment, all about Energy and Reflection. Over the last two weeks  I was working through anger, hate, frustration, fear and a lot of darkness from this and other lifetime experiences and I suppose for some reason I lingered there for a bit. The energy that surrounds me reminded me of that, by reflecting these energies/emotions back to me. (As within so without!)

This morning I thought: ‘How do I deal with my neighbour?’ Well, we are all connected so the question is: ‘How do I deal with my Self? How do I love my Self on an even deeper level?’

As soon as this awareness came up I felt a surge of love through my heart and a lightness I did not feel for the last couple of weeks. Ahhhhh blisssssss….

Now this is an important awareness I find, an awareness off tuning into the energies that surround us at all times. And an awareness of Reflection. Now this energy can be a person, an animal, a situation, a feeling ….. by tuning in, talking to it and listening you might just hear why the energy is here, even if challenging, and transform it into love.

Now Grandmother Moon is all about Reflection, and I invite you to join me for the last Moon Energy Call of the Year, which I combine with a Celebration to Welcome Winter and I called it:


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With love,

Martina Kreiner
Martina Kreiner


PS. Come and join us for the last MOON ENERGY CALL OF THE YEAR…. 



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