„MLDJehaartina’s melodious voice lures you into the tale she is telling. Close your eyes and let her words and voice guide you into the setting that she has created with wonderfully developed characters and a descriptive narrative with an end that packs a powerful healing message. A gifted storyteller and writer, Martina leaves you wanting more!“ ~ Lynda Davis Jeha  




  BobDIn my work, I’ve experienced a wide range of healing modalities, but nothing even remotely like Martina Kreiner’s „Healing Tales.“ These aren’t just stories with a lesson. The only way I can describe it is that these stories have energetic qualities that have a visceral impact on the listener…and when she creates a PERSONAL tale for you, WOW! Her intuitive ability is astounding, and you just won’t believe the shift that occurs for you after simply listening! Definitely one of the most enjoyable and relaxing methods of healing and release I’ve ever experienced! ~ Bob Doyle – Featured teacher in „The Secret“ and creator of the „Wealth Beyond Reason“ program.



  lynn headshot„Martina’s healing tale was such a surprise! I didn’t realize that the power of story when told through an intuitive tapping into your soul could be so powerfully shifting at such a deep level. Her healing tale she did for me had me seeing an aspect of myself and my past that I hadn’t seen before, and wouldn’t have otherwise without this unique beautiful approach. It’s been wonderfully healing as I move forward in my life.“ ~ Lynn Rose




 „I found out about Martina through Bob Doyle and I was intrigued.  I listened to the free healing tale and felt it was really magical.  I later contacted Martina for a personal healing tale and my experience has been an amazing journey.  After receiving my tale I listened to it and my body gave me a healing response.  I felt slight discomfort in my upper back for a couple of days, but then it vanished.  This means that old stagnant energy was leaving my body!  Also, the way I perceive myself and others has shifted to a higher level.  This work really works on many levels.  I feel that I am still on my healing journey, but I really felt some major shifts after working with Martina.  I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with her.  From my personal view, Martina’s work is amazing!“  Thank you Martina!  ~ Angela Anasara

‘I was amazed and fascinated to experience Martina’s abilities in her work with me. She seemed to really know me and intuitively know where I had my problems. During the Total Balance and Harmony Process I very obviously experienced the shifts and changes in my physical body. The pains in my back, that have been with me for years, started to ease and even weeks after the process I can still feel the changes. Since I started to work with Martina, my life has changed in a very positive ways. I have suffered from depressions a lot of years and only now I am  beginning to see those difficult circumstances I have been into and created for myself, in a different light. Now I am thinking of my ‘hurdles and issues’ as the best things that ever could have happened to me. I start to understand the coherence and I am very grateful about that. Dear Martina, I thank you so much for your help, guidance and encouragement that allowed me to fearlessly embark on my inner journey to find and discover my Self!’ ~ K. Eichberger

‚It’s rare now a days to find bright, talented, creative and outstanding intuitive healers that walk on our stage and blow us away! Martina Kreiner is just that. Martina and I are beautiful healers that crossed path’s in a class we took together. Did not know each other at the time but reaching out to assist her son I got to experience something truly amazing. Martina’s ability to intuitively go into your energy and see, feel and observe what is currently going on is so accurate. Her visions of the situation are then gently and compassionately told in a story through her travels with you. Martina then created in a story telling adventure, assists you to break the negative emotions and transform them into positive one. I was impressed how easy the process was. Her voice is gentle, soft and very appealing to listen to and you cannot help but get excited to receive your tale and listen to it. Healing with Tales modality is unique, quick and easy to follow and I would highly recommend Healing With Tales for anyone who is wanting to take that next step into expansion. Thank you Martina for assisting me in transforming my life into an expansive being of light!‘ ~Jacquie Cook

 ‘Fascinating! After years of seeking the right modality I found Martina’s Healing Tales. Her touching Tales opened a path to transform my physical and mental hurts and pains. I often blamed the universe or anybody else for my fate, now I am grateful and empowered! I take responsibility for my life and circumstances and I am able to accept and understand the importance of my difficult life so far. Martina’s gift has touched my soul, and her work is an incredible gift to the world. Martina, thank you for sharing your gift with us!’ ~ Kerstin Eichberger

Martina is a very gifted healer and storyteller. Her tales carry a powerful healing energy with them, that resonates deeply with the listener. I am amazed by the healing qualities of the Healing Tales I have listened to, especially my own personal healing tale. I love this method of healing incorporating past life stories. I highly recommend Healing Tales and look forward to continuing my own healing journey with Martina. ~ Rhiannon Phoenix

I would say that this is one of the most helpful things I have done for myself, is Healing with the Tales.  It seems to be helping me with a foundation in all areas of my growth, from morning and evening meditations,  to more specific needs, awareness’s, with the tales.  I just love the feelings with the flow of her background music and birds chirping, Such an incredible peaceful experience just for me, and if I had to put it in one sentence, it would be, Martina, and her Healing with the Tales, is a breath of fresh air, and I am looking forward to be doing more of them.  Thank you Martina ~ Jackie Esker

„The story Martina did for me was short and very powerful. I didn’t know what to expect, so it was a lovely surprise to hear what she was seeing. It was amazing to me how I was able to put the story into the context of this life time. It gave me clarity around some things in my life and was really fabulous! Martina has an incredible gift in her story telling. The fact that it weaved beautifully into my current life was the most surprising of all for me! Thank you Martina! I so appreciate you and the gift of your tale for me.“ ~ Michelle Paraspolo McCarthy

Hi Martina, I wanted to share with you exciting news about your Healing With Tales. I heard about your site and your offer of a free tale.  I downloaded the tale, listened to it… and almost fainted.  The sample tale was about a little girl who was blessed with a gift of seeing colors, but she resisted and denied the gift until she finally embraced it and used it.  Here is why the tale affected me so viscerally:  Her story was my story.  I too was born with a Divine gift to see colors, in and around people.  Truthfully, I thought it was normal and everyone could see them.  When I began mentioning them to other kids, I was labeled „weird.“  Soon, I hated my ability and chose to ignore it.  It eventually disappeared.  I forgot all about it as it had vanished for 40 years.  About ten years ago, an enlightened Sufi master reawakened them in me.  I now use my gift to help others discover their limiting beliefs and transform them so they can live the life of their dreams. After I heard your sample, I knew I had to see how well your tales worked in healing people.  I purchased a Personal Healing Tale for my wife, and when she received it, I watched her internal energy while she listened to it.  I was shocked and amazed at how well your tale hit on almost all of my wife’s limiting beliefs.  After one listening, your words had diminished her blockages substantially.  I asked her to listen to it everyday.  I visually rechecked her blockages after one week.  Again, much more of the negative energy had been healed.  We did this for four consecutive weeks, until finally all of her limiting belief blocks had been transformed.  I was quite impressed!  It has now been about two months since she received her tale, and when I look at her, her energy is still flowing nicely without any sign of the blocks reappearing.
Martina, I have experimented with many healing modalities, watching them to see which ones work and which ones don’t.  I have to say, your intuitively guided stories are exceptional at identifying and healing the hidden obstacles keeping us from living full and joyous lives. If anybody is wondering if they should invest in a Healing Tale or not, I emphatically shout, „Yes!“  Martina, you are the real deal. Many thanks, Bob Wakitsch

Magic, pure magic-prepare to be amazed by Martina’s gift for spinning extraordinary tales! I was deeply and profoundly moved“ ~ Peggy Patterson

Martina’s calming voice allowed me to easily access a healing meditation. I felt safe and supported throughout the entire process. I could feel the energy flowing through me, the release taking place and being left with a very strong happy feeling! A feeling of unconditional love ~ Veera Ranki

I came upon Martina Kreiner’s Healing Tales quite by accident . My first encounter with self as expressed in Healing Tales was listening to her read „Buddy“ a children’s tale .  I found a deep well of trapped emotions that I did not even realize I  held inside.  This exposure to healing with tales began a journey of self exploration that continues even today.  I have grown stronger and released so many shadows using these tales.  I truly believe my life has been changed and I now live a fuller experience of self and my gifts thanks to Healing with Tales. ~ Ken Mahannah

 Martina does indeed have a gift. It’s a gift that combines the nearly lost art of oral storytelling with a special sensitivity for what one needs to hear. In the process, powerful healing can take place. In the story she did for me, I was transported to the New York Area of several hundred years ago, where a young child is suffering and hopeless. Flowing out of that story comes a process that transported me, the angels, and that sad child to a place of love and joy. All in the space of a few minutes! All guided by her lovely voice and visions. Thank you, Martina! ~ Maria Martin

 Martina’s intuitive ability coming through in such a creative way is so unique and just as beautiful as is she. The comforting tone in her voice as she tells her stories promotes a sense of relaxation and calmness. She touched on a current issue with my daughter that I have been stressing over.  Martina truly is a blessed Storyteller . ~ Maria Meekz

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