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I received so many emails about this.
What is a Personal Healing Tale and How many do I need?

My dear friends, in regards to What is a Personal Healing Tale? Please take a minute to watch the little video below, which explains Healing Tales in a NUTSHELL!  (Better to listen to my voice, than boring written words Kiss)

How many Personal Healing Tales do I need? Well, here is the way I see it! I believe our overall journey can be compared to a big book consisting of lots of different chapters. The chapters being our various lifetimes, our circumstances, experiences and lessons! All lifetimes, like chapters of a book, are all interconnected. With one Personal Healing Tale, we  tap into a variety of lifetimes and blocked emotions/energies. The healing vibrations of the tale will dissolve and transmute the blockages discovered and create a ripple effect throughout your entire personal book, your entire journey. Throughout all chapters!
I believe we all have lots of different tales to tell! Each Personal Healing Tale will create a ripple effect and move us forward and upward towards our vision, towards what we are here to do, towards a stronger connection to SELF, towards expansion, towards pure LOVE and KNOWING!

For that reason I created Universal Healing Tales where I address lessons and issues that are common to all of us as a collective. Universal Healing Tales are a collection of categories tackling common issues such as letting go of fear, heartache and sadness, insecurity and doubt, self-love issues, blocked abundance in money, career, love and health, and disconnection.

In a nutshell … I believe our journey is a continuous process of expansion where Healing Tales can form a helpful tool! Give it a try!

And don’t forget I am always here to help!

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line

With love
Martina Kreiner
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