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I may not be able to qua
ntify what I do by numbers and science but through my intervention

I might convince you to see your very own light and choose another path! ~ Martina Kreiner




Below I am posting a Testimonial I received the other day. Upon reading it I was so touched, I just had to let you all know!  I am so honored and grateful to be able to share my gifts with YOU and the World! Thank you!

‚Fascinating! After years of seeking the right modality I found Martina’s Healing Tales. Her touching Tales opened a path to transform my physical and mental hurts and pains. I often blamed the universe or anybody else for my fate, now I am grateful and empowered! I take responsibility for my life and circumstances and I am able to accept and understand the importance of my difficult life so far. Martina’s gift has touched my soul, and her work is an incredible gift to the world. Martina, thank you for sharing your gift with us!‘

‚I was amazed and fascinated to experience Martina’s abilities in her work with me. She seemed to really know me and intuitively know where I had my problems. During the Total Balance and Harmony Process I very obviously experienced the shifts and changes in my physical body. The pains in my back, that have been with me for years, started to ease and even weeks after the process I can still feel the changes. Since I started to work with Martina, my life has changed in a very positive ways. I have suffered from depressions a lot of years and only now I am  beginning to see those difficult circumstances I have been into and created for myself, in a different light. Now I am thinking of my ‚hurdles and issues‘ as the best things that ever could have happened to me. I start to understand the coherence and I am very grateful about that. Dear Martina, I thank you so much for your help, guidance and encouragement that allowed me to fearlessly embark on my inner journey to find and discover my Self!‘ ~ K. Eichberger

With Love
Martina Kreiner
personal healing tale Kopie

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