Insane! Spiritual message of the Goat


Trial and Error

I do hope you remember these crazy goats, when things next get a little challenging! (I use this picture as my screen saver!)

It reminds me to never give up! It reminds me to persevere against all odds! It reminds me to experiment and have fun!
It reminds me to just BE and DO what I am guided too! (Not sure how many goats think it is a good idea to climb a tree!)

Usually when we face our darkest fears, we make the biggest shifts, we have the greatest breakthroughs,
we have the most amazing AHA moments, we unexpectedly meet someone very special …….

Well even more interesting is the spiritual meaning of goats:
The goat talks to us about sampling a little bit of everything to know more deeply the world around us.
It speaks of discrimination and a willingness to explore and hold out for that which is desired.
Keywords: Faith, Peace, Respect, Balance, Dignity, Courage, Curiosity, Initiation

On this note ….. allow a bit more CRAZY GOAT in your life Wink

In Love and Gratitude
Martina healingwithtalesstars

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