‚What’s the catch?‘ Give, Receive, Share! All Energy, isn’t it!?

Hello wonderful YOU!Martina Kreiner

As the subject of GIVING, RECEIVING and SHARING keeps on popping up for me
Today is all about GIVING and the MAGIC of RECEIVING!

I personally find it is a fine-tuned balance between following your intuition when to give and in turn allow yourself to receive!
The way I understand it, it is all ENERGY and hence on an energy level there is no difference between giving and receiving, it just IS!

How do I incorporate that in my daily life? In my daily life I decide to listen to my heart, my instinct, my intuition every moment of NOW,
and make a decision which one it will be – Do I give, Do I receive, Do I share? No set rules or structures, but a continuous flow of energy exchange!



I found this picture the other day …. What is it they do?
Is one giving to the other?
Is one receiving from the other?
Are they sharing?
Are they helping each other out?


What do you think?


I would love to hear your feedback on this subject! I feel we all need a little balance around this subject!!!

Have an amazing day


PS: I know it’s a rather interesting picture … but if you are reading this, it did it’s JOB! Thank you!!!

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