What is Storytelling to you?

I can imagine  ….. You know by now ‚I JUST LOVE TELLING TALES‘, all types of diffent tales!!!!! Big SmileSweet Kiss

Historically, storytelling has been around for thousands of years as a means for entertainment, education, communication and bridging cultural, linguistic and age-related divides. The earliest historic evidence comes from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Furthermore we find storytelling in all major countries such as Africa, Ancient Greece, China, India, Australian aborigines and not to forget the Native American.

Now, I just came across an Article on ‚Siberian Shamanism and Storytelling‘ ….. I thought this part is rather interesting:
‚From time beyond memory shamans have been healing illness, divining causes for weather patterns and human behavior, leading ceremonials, and accompanying the souls of the dead to the next world. The word shaman comes from the Tungus language family, widespread over much of Siberia. Shamans make and maintain contact with the spirits of nature and of people’s ancestors, who help them to negotiate the world beyond what we see with our physical eyes in order to sustain balance between the worlds of body and spirit. Over the last hundred or more years, the gift has passed down through certain families. Before that it seems to have fallen more at random—the candidate chosen individually by the spirits. Both hereditary and non-hereditary shamans and their families report early signs of contact with spirits, (such as predicting the future, memory of past lives,understanding foreign languages, an active dream life, or signs on the body), and/or an undiagnosable illness which may strike at almost any time of life and last over a number of years, and which is only healed through consecration as a shaman. From the inner point of view, what is going on during this illness is initiation by the spirits, often very harsh. The novice may travel in a dream-like state through the unknown geography of the spiritual world, meeting helpers and opponents. ‚  http://www.kiravan.com/shamans_stories.html

To end this post about Storytelling, here is a different type of Tale …. I love children (of all ages Wink) and of course I also have tales for them … or they for us?

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Martina Kreiner
personal healing tale Kopie

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