Food for Thought … Daily Practice!

This week is on the topic of a DAILY PRACTICE! Do you have your very own Daily Practice?

As research has shown it takes at least 21 days to rewire and refocus our brain, for a new emotion, vibration to become normality. To make this process easier and to fit in our busy daily life’s a combination of Cleansing and Harmonizing and Daily Affirmation has worked wonders for me.

Now, developing a Daily Practice can be a huge catalyst toward growth and healing. What your Daily Practice involves is up to you. It is beneficial for it to contain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. But you are the creator of your life and your Daily Practice.

From what I have learned up until now on my inner spiritual journey, a balance between Meditation, Physical Exercise, Emotion Release, Energetic Body Hygiene, Goal Setting and Daily Affirmations is the key to manifesting YOUR dream life.  

Wow I can hear your doubts! You feel this is too much? Remember I am a mum of two, I am a business owner, I run a household and family life! Belief me, Daily Practices can be organized into a snug practice and spread out over the day. The funny thing is although you might start with very short intervals, they will lengthen by itself as your desire to check in with yourself automatically grows.

To get you started with the Balance and Harmonizing Part of your Daily Practice I gift you with my Morning Balance and Harmony Journey:

 Have fun and a wonderful, empowered week

With love,

Martina Kreiner

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