Looking to pump up the volume? Reflection

If you want something new, Be open to receiving it from anywhere, any place, any person! There is a very common pattern in all of us called ‘Blame others’, which of course I have practiced myself for a very long time. Often we blame our partner because life seems dull and routine, or we blame our job for its monotony, or we blame our children for being naughty and too much work.  I believe first of all it is important to STOP the Blame game and START TO LOOK within. If somebody blames you for whatever reason, just be ok with it- no judgment, and ponder what this situation reflects to/for you. Remember it is all a reflection.

You have now stopped a re-occurring pattern and also changed a lower, heavier vibration of blame and fear into a higher vibration of curiosity and self-love. Isn’t that empowering and exciting? So it is totally up to you how you react and act in a certain situation and consciously create your life’s experiences. You are the creator of your life! This process is supported by tuning in, meditating, expanding your heart, finding your heart-space, allowing your energies to flow and seek YOUR answers within. When you are in your own flow inside, life on the outside starts to flow.

Never forget to look after this precious inner Friend, who lovingly and unconditionally supports you at all times.


With love,

Martina Kreiner

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