Try this one … and REINVENT yourself

This week is on the topic of a DAILY PRACTICE! I hope you found some time to listen to the Free Balance and Harmony Journey from Monday. If not, no worries…. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW!

Today I keep it brief but with intent. Here is a short Daily Affirmation to add to your Daily Practice. To give it a little different, and more in depth twist:

  1. Say it out loud – 4 times
  2. Write it down – 10 times per day
  3. I AM GOD

See what comes up for you!

Possibly Resistance – good, work through it!

Possibly Disbelieve – good, work through it!

Possible ‘This is just silly’ – good, work through it!

You will work through layer upon layer of self-created limitation, beliefs and patterns. And don’t forget – Have fun with it!

Have fun and a wonderful, empowered week

With love,

Martina Kreiner

Ps … Come and visit us on our Facebook Page, I would love to meet a face with a name! … And please share your experiences and tell us more about your Daily Practice!



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