What is your Frequency? Do you know?

We’ve all heard about Frequencies, Vibrations and Energy. And truly that is what we are made off, layer upon layer upon layer. Last week I read a post about the loneliest whale in the world, and could not get it out of my head. The whale has been calling out at a frequency not used by any other whales in the North Pacific Ocean for the last 20 year. Usually whales sing at a frequency of 17 to 18 hertz and this amazing creature sings at 52 hertz, hence cannot be heard by her fellow whales.

Translating the whale story into my daily life, I had a very interesting Ahaaaa moment. I sometimes  feel I am not heard and/or understood. Sometimes I even feel the other person hears different words and content to what I am actually saying. Does this sound familiar to you? Could this be based on the fact that we all have different vibrations and frequencies and resonate differently to one another? Could this influence our communication with others, like the 52 hertz whale?

Yes I do believe each one of us has a unique frequency, like a fingerprint, and there are some out there that resonate with us and others don’t. Influencing how well we understand and communicate with one another. And of course this is flexible and depends on our expansion. Now, to improve your communication level to anyone it is important to find, accept and radiate your frequency. Fully stand in your power. How to do that? You continuously work on your expansion, walk your inner spiritual path, improve the connection to Self, Source, God, the Universe, connect to Mother Earth and the Cosmo and know you are part of all there is…. All the Frequencies, Vibrations and Energy.

Sing and radiate your frequency confidently and YOUR tribe, perfect partner, perfect friend, perfect opportunities and all possibilities will hear you, listen to you and answer you.

To support YOUR quest to find and accept your frequency, I invite you to listen to this Healing Tale called Whale’s Wisdom. Enjoy!


With love,

Martina Kreiner

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