How to look after your Energy Body?

Daily Morning Balance and Harmony Journey.
Listen my friends, we carefully look after our physical body. The daily maintenance can actually take quite a bit of our time from having a shower, brushing our teeth,creaming, moisturizing, various ointments and to tone our body all in an attempt to stay healthy and look well. Why don’t we do the same for our Energy Body, because we can’t see it?

Now interestingly enough as our Energy Body sustains the physical body would it not be even more important to keep it healthy and balanced? In my experience by cleansing and harmonizing our Energy Body we remove any pollution, foreign energies, pains and hurts that occurred during the day. It only takes a few minutes! This daily cleansing creates space! Space for your higher SELF, your visions and goals to come through with more clarity.

Listen to this Balance and Harmony Journey  on a daily basis and watch what shifts for you!


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