Action Step # 6: Focus your mind

Thoughts of today – Neutrality, Non-Judgment, Harmony…. Do you catch your mind comparing all and everything in your life consciously and subconsciously? Seeing yourself as part of this world and not just in it.

Afternoons are in general are my special time with my young family, our playtime. As it is a hot summer’s day, we ventured to the local swimming pool. Sitting there watching my boys having fun in the paddle pool, watching clouds, enjoying the sun, I catch my wandering thoughts. As my mind switched from enjoying nature to watching people automatically judgmental thoughts appear. Really very mindless thoughts (another judgement)- Too big, too small, funny hair, totally burned that must hurt, white and wobbly, so much non-sense chitchat – like in a trance. I sit and I am very aware of my wandering thoughts, I smile. The judgmental thoughts stop as I get aware of them!

As I get home a book had fallen of the shelf, I pick it up and of course there is a message about Non-Judgment and Neutrality for me and for YOU.

‘When I speak of neutrality, I am speaking of a life where the giving and the receiving become one. Neutrality is the state of no mind, no chatter, but instead the complete presence of YOU. Imagine throughout all of your physical presence, being in a body on a planet and being wide open to all of the elements – of the oceanic realms, the mineral and plant kingdoms, the animal kingdoms – and of course, to all of humanity. You find yourself tuning in to a higher state of consciousness, hearing the universe, its tones and frequencies. You’re no longer seeking from the mind, which is a whole other world within itself. Once you’ve stopped seeking, you disengage the magnetics of your physicality from all the world. You are always yourself – not striving to please or fit in. This allows the whole world to change, to open, to accommodate and complement you twenty-four hours a day. And being in this state, whether you are at the local coffee shop, or in the corporate world, or in the midst of a carnival, there’s no longer a separation. Instead there is a complete embodiment of you on every level, in all the brilliant facets of diversities going on around you. Your natural state is about being in you world, but not of it nor affected by it, letting the world revolve around you, rather  than within you. ~ Will Linville

I hope these thoughts help you to use and focus your mind, stop your judgmental thoughts and bring you a step closer to a non-judgmental and blissful life. No longer being influenced by outside occurrences.

With love,

Martina Kreiner

Ps. …. To shift forward and look after this precious Energy Body of yours try this DAILY BALANCE AND HARMONY JOURNEY

– Look after this precious Energy Body of yours, you are worth it!!!!! 😉


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