Food for thought about Healing Tales!

My friends, I received this amazing email the other day. I am so excited, so grateful, so happy …. and with Bob’s permission I want to share it with YOU!

Hi Martina,

I wanted to share with you exciting news about your Healing With Tales.

I heard about your site and your offer of a free tale.  I downloaded the tale, listened to it… and almost fainted.  The sample tale was about a little girl who was blessed with a gift of seeing colors, but she resisted and denied the gift until she finally embraced it and used it.  Here is why the tale affected me so viscerally:  Her story was my story.  I too was born with a Divine gift to see colors, in and around people.  Truthfully, I thought it was normal and everyone could see them.  When I began mentioning them to other kids, I was labeled „weird.“  Soon, I hated my ability and chose to ignore it.  It eventually disappeared.  I forgot all about it as it had vanished for 40 years.  About ten years ago, an enlightened Sufi master reawakened them in me.  I now use my gift to help others discover their limiting beliefs and transform them so they can live the life of their dreams.

After I heard your sample, I knew I had to see how well your tales worked in healing people.  I purchased a customized tale for my wife, and when she received it, I watched her internal energy while she listened to it.  I was shocked and amazed at how well your tale hit on almost all of my wife’s limiting beliefs.  After one listening, your words had diminished her blockages substantially.  I asked her to listen to it everyday.  I visually rechecked her blockages after one week.  Again, much more of the negative energy had been healed.  We did this for four consecutive weeks, until finally all of her limiting belief blocks had been transformed. I was quite impressed!  It has now been about two months since she received her tale, and when I look at her, her energy is still flowing nicely without any sign of the blocks reappearing.

Martina, I have experimented with many healing modalities, watching them to see which ones work and which ones don’t.  I have to say, your intuitively guided stories are exceptional at identifying and healing the hidden obstacles keeping us from living full and joyous lives.

If anybody is wondering if they should invest in a Healing Tale or not, I emphatically shout, „Yes!“  Martina, you are the real deal.

Many thanks,
Bob Wakitsch

Thank you for reading! Thank you for listening to Healing Tales! And thank you for YOU!

Have an amazing weekend
Martina Kreiner
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