Keep on breathing & laughing …..

…. AT yourself and your self-created life!!! Honestly face it, we sometimes take ourselves way to seriously (Me included Innocent ). Join me this lovely morning and just laugh at whatever you are most concerned with and worried over right now? React a little different to what you normally would, this is the first step to break a pattern that is running your life. What is your concern? Your job is sh…? Your health is pain, hurt, discomfort, illness? Your Relationship a mess, disagreements, fights, anger…? Your children are just lots of work? Your family annoying you? Disagreements all over? Your body is still not the way you want it? And anyhow life is hard and just sucks!?!?!?! Well possibly, one or the other might resonate with you. And no matter where we are on our inner spiritual journey, no matter how connected you are to your higher Self, over and over again you will phase challenges and lessons YOU created for yourself to push us forward in this life. Be it finances, relationships, family, health, we all tend to take our stories to seriously. We are so used to identifying ourselves with  the story/the lifetime we live right now, that it is time to take a step back and see and acknowledge the magical being and energy that flows within all of us.  Aren’t we here to experience a happy and joyous life?

I invite you to join me in consciously creating YOUR life? In taking full responsibility over what YOU currently have right now, and I am sure not all of it is bad.
Focus on the good you have right now, Trust your Self and create the life you want.

IMG_1473Magic Fairy Tinkerbell Kopie

Change your perception, Change your Mind-Set ….. acknowledge at what is good, GREAT, MAGIC in your life!!! (Find at least one thing!)

And please, laugh at yourself  and acknowledge that everything you created in your life so-far has brought to this point, to this awareness, and from here you can consciously start the creation process to manifest your Dream Life! Laugh from and with your heart!!!

PS: A few days ago I posted my amazing orchid that blossomed! Such a beauty! Fully appreciating this moment of NOW, I found my very own miracle right within the beauty of the flower itself. My orchid reflected me with a little Fairy Tinkerbell!!! Isn’t she amazing!?!?! As I said, it is all a matter of Perception and Mind-set!!!

With Love
Martina Kreiner
personal healing tale Kopie

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