Energy flows where your focus goes

Every day we are dealing with situation, after situation, after situation and after situation, good or bad is beside the point. Also a situation is just Energy. Now we can decide how we choose to see the situation. Is it all drama or is it just another part of the game we call ‘Life on Earth’.

Yes, I can hear your doubts! And of course sometimes it is just too easy be sucked into a situation especially if it is concerning our family, children, husbands, partners, parents, work colleagues, business partners….. the list is endless.  It is all too easy for the common emotion of Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hate to be triggered, sometimes overwhelmingly so!  

Now I have come to the conclusion, that besides being virtuous it is just healthy to allow these so-called negative emotions up and accept them for what they are in that particular moment of NOW. Your unwavering Acceptance, Faith and Trust in you and your universe transforms them into LOVE and solutions miraculously appear.

Oh yes, unwavering Acceptance, Faith and Trust does need practice, and more practice, and more on a daily basis. We are now working on re-conditioning an old pattern lots of us carry around!! Sounds like fun doesn’t it!

May the Daily Mantra below support you on your path of transformation. Welcome unwavering Acceptance, Faith, Trust and Support in you and YOUR Universe. And so it is.


Have fun and a wonderful, empowered week

With love,

Martina Kreiner


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