I DESERVE! I AM WORTH! Join this Healing Tales transformation!

The Energy I tapped into was: ‚I don’t deserve a better life! I am worthless! I deserve to be where I am right now!‘ Does this resonate with you? If the answer is Yes, Please join and listen to this short Healing Tale taking the trapped emotions as mentioned above transforming them into I DESERVE, I AM WORTH ALL THERE IS!

PS. This is an unexpected recording done outside! You will hear the wind in the background accompanying the tale!

What are Healing Tales?

I  create Personal and Universal Healing Tales to release trapped emotions and energies through my unique approach known as intuitive storytelling. I have been given a unique gift that allows me to retrieve and receive tales from people’s past lifetimes, revealing trapped emotions and energies affecting their current lives. These Healing Tales help people discover the challenges that were experienced in a different time, age, and personality, and I use my gifts to help people overcome and release those challenges.

I invite you to use the Power of Healing Tales to transcend issues that hold you back from achieving your true potential. Through my tales, you will experience positive energy which is not only heard but felt by both the logical mind and the heart. To open you to a deeper and fuller understanding of who you truly are and what you are able to achieve. See for yourself and create a more enjoyable and satisfying experience in your life.

‚As an intuitive Healing Storyteller I serve those who are struggling with negative and limiting beliefs that keep them from finding their authentic, miraculous SELF and living their highest potential. Together we embark on a journey to heal your pains and blockages and shift YOUR entire perspective through Healing Tales. What can you expect please find out below!’ ~Martina Kreiner

With Love
Martina Kreiner
personal healing tale Kopie

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