What a day!

And here is the glorious end to today’s walk…..A GIFT TO YOU KissKiss

…….with the Daily Affirmation called VOTE OF TRUST

Say goodbye to doubts and insecurities – TRUST YOURSELF! Take responsibility, empower yourself/your SELF with a DAILY PRACTICE. This can be as little as a couple of minute each morning, lunch and night!!!!

What is a Daily Practice? Daily Meditations, Mantras, Prayers, Poems, Gratitude are useful tools to ref-focus and re-wire YOUR brain!!! The key is to use them on a daily basis for the energetic vibration behind the prayer, the positive thought, the positive emotion, the new connection, the limitlessness, the all possibilities, the newly found empowerment the new imagined YOU and and and (fill the gap with your words) to become normality.

As an intuitive Healing Storyteller I serve those who are struggling with negative and limiting beliefs that keep them from finding their authentic, miraculous SELF and living their highest potential. Together we embark on a journey to heal your pains and blockages and shift YOUR entire perspective  through Healing Tales. What can you expect from a Healing Tales? A transmutation and shift of your blocked emotions starting from the Emotional right through to the Physical Level. This could also mean a little physical discomfort!

Read some of the Feedback I have received:
In my work, I’ve experienced a wide range of healing modalities puttygen , but nothing even remotely like Martina Kreiner’s „Healing Tales.“ These aren’t just stories with a lesson. The only way I can describe it is that these stories have energetic qualities that have a visceral impact on the listener…and when she creates a PERSONAL tale for you, WOW! Her intuitive ability is astounding, and you just won’t believe the shift that occurs for you after simply listening! Definitely one of the most enjoyable and relaxing methods of healing and release I’ve ever experienced!
~ Bob Doyle – Featured teacher in „The Secret“ and creator of the „Wealth Beyond Reason“ program.

Martina’s calming voice allowed me to easily access a healing meditation. I felt safe and supported throughout the entire process. I could feel the energy flowing through me, the release taking place and being left with a very strong happy feeling! A feeling of unconditional love. ~ Veera Ranki

„I found out about Martina through Bob Doyle and I was intrigued.  I listened to the free healing tale and felt it was really magical.  I later contacted Martina for a personal healing tale and my experience has been an amazing journey.  After receiving my tale I listened to it and my body gave me a healing response.  I felt slight discomfort in my upper back for a couple of days, but then it vanished.  This means that old stagnant energy was leaving my body!  Also, the way I perceive myself and others has shifted to a higher level.  This work really works on many levels.  I feel that I am still on my healing journey, but I really felt some major shifts after working with Martina.  I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with her.  From my personal view, Martina’s work is amazing!“
~ Angela Anasara

„Martina’s healing tale was such a surprise! I didn’t realize that the power of story when told through an intuitive tapping into your soul could be so powerfully shifting at such a deep level. Her healing tale she did for me had me seeing an aspect of myself and my past that I hadn’t seen before, and wouldn’t have otherwise without this unique beautiful approach. It’s been wonderfully healing as I move forward in my life.“ ~ Lynn Rose

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