Believe in you. Always

Believe in you. Always…. Very easily said, and often not so easily put into practice and actually felt as an inner truth. I believe, it requires a moment to moment dedication to oneself. What do I mean?

To fully love oneself includingiStock_believe in you every quirk, wrinkle and seemingly awkward habit. To look after all the various layers that comprises you – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To be mindful of every thought and word that you create within you. To be grateful and humble what you currently have in your life, even if you don’t enjoy it. And to also courageously step forward into your truth and the life you want to be living.

Well, of course it is ever so easy to blame the world and everybody else for what is wrong in ones life, for being stuck, procrastinating, unhappy, frustrated….. I been there, done that…. Believe me, this is no solution, it keeps you running in a vicious circle.

I found a way for myself to break this circle, I started to look within. Finding and trusting the answers I found in there, YES IN ME! Moment to moment, step by step I developed new habits for myself, created different responses to any given situation and followed my intuition. Here I am today, very excitedly looking forward to the start of my first INNER POWER WORKSHOP. Believe me again, I am still facing resistance as I walk my Inner Journey, as I tap into my Inner Power. It is an ongoing learning curve.

Resistance usually shows up to keep us from moving forward. Preventing us from stepping out of our comfort zone…. It almost feels like a fear of the unknown. We consciously have to decide to break through it. We are here on Earth to have fun and experience all there is, aren’t we!?! Do I want to experience pain, hurt, sorrow …. No, done that! Do I want to experience Love, Joy and Happiness? YES I do.

Do you resonate with the joyful YES? Come, sign up to the INNER POWER WORKSHOP, we got but a view places left. If you still wavering about, read the comment below and please STOP PROCRASTINATING TAKE ACTION:

‘As a independent, optimist, sceptic, been around, walking some path but really living etc. etc. sort of person. There was one thing I needed to do – I needed to stop procrastinating in life. I couldn’t help myself – it became a way of life.

Knowing that the web is full of a million and more websites it’s hard to imagine where to begin when it comes to the search for self-improvement. But by coincidence a friend of mine gave me a few of sites to run through  – this being one of them. I narrowed them down to 5 – actually talked to 2  the rest were auto replies so I passed on them. With Martina I asked her story and understood that whilst she went through many more trials and tribulations than me – she was still highly determined, positively focused and quite happy at the same time. Intrigued I followed through. I won’t run through the details of the program – as mine was tailored for me.

But today I am a doer! I have greater sense of purpose and a higher sense of worth and contribution. Negatives are now quite distant – and I have a sustainable positive embrace.

I don’t do endorsements. But I can suggest you get in touch and see for yourself and perhaps you too can stop procrastinating or whatever it may be and get re-tuned in the purpose that suits you. ~ Ian London’

 I look forward to work with YOU!

With love,

Martina Kreiner

PS: Register for this class and let’s do this! Make 2015 YOUR year! Class starts October 11, 2014.



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