Are you procrastinating?

Today I read an interesting article on PROCRASTINATION! Listen to this: ‘In today’s environment we are constantly bombarded with stimuli – Newspapers, radio, computer, tablet, smartphones, emails, social media ….’  just to mention a view.

We are constantly shifting our focus in an incredible pace from one topic to another in every moment. Next to that we are (or should be)  socially interacting with family, children, partners, friends, work colleagues, bosses….. jobs will like or dislike, people we like or dislike, paying bills, fulfilling the musts and trying to find time for the likes, loves and hobbies….

Pause for a moment, What do you feel when you hear these words? Where do you see yourself? I see a hamster running in his little wheel, not going anywhere, although he in his little world thinks he is. I see a dog chasing his tail, but never quite reaching it. I see a herd of lemmings running towards a cliff, as one jumps everybody else is.

STOP – Overload – Overwhelm! We are bombarded with thoughts, words and requests all over the place from within and without. Giving us a feeling of being pulled in every direction, not knowing what to focus on first.  In the midst of all that madness we forget a very crucial fact, and that is ourselves. Yes, you and you and you and you ….. everybody else is more important. This needs to change right now, don’t you think!

So many of us are trying to keep up with something or somebody else and allow to be validated and judged by an outside source. We can consciously decide right here and now what we want in our life, how we want it, and step by step walk towards creating it. Remember, you are the creator of your life!

Do You want to stay in this illusionary race, this modern world is presenting to us? or

Do You want to create your ideal world and see through this illusion?

Well I take it it is option 2 as you are reading this article and  are taking steps towards your personal growth and development.

I  believe the way out of this illusion is to STOP and simply look within. Again to stop and look within, stop and look within and concentrate on what is important and that is YOU, the Entirety of you ….your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual you! All layers and vibrations of your being to be in perfect alignment and harmony.

Well, this is what we are currently working on in the Inner Power Workshop. We are expanding our awareness and consciousness to the Entirety of us. It is never to late to join 😀

With love,

Martina Kreiner

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