How to transform Fear? Live Healing Tale Reading recorded! I HAVE to share this w/you


How to transform Fear? In this Healing Tale Reading I introduce a Healing Tale called ‚GOLDILOCKS‘, aiming to transform FEAR OF NEW POSSIBILITIES AND OPTIONS into EMBRACING LIFE’S GIFTS AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This Healing Tale reading includes a brief introduction, a Healing Tale, a Release Process and a suggested Daily Meditation. Please find a comfortable place, open your heart, relax and listen! Through this tale, you will experience positive and transformative energy to help transform your FEARS and to open you to a deeper and fuller understanding of who you truly are and what you are able to achieve. See for yourself and create a more enjoyable and satisfying experience in your life….. in you own time and at your own pace.


Ready to dive deeper into Healing Tales?

Universal Healing Tale

The next Healing Tale Reading on ‚How to transform Self-hate into Self-Love‘ will be announced soon.

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