How to overcome fears and feel more LOVE?

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How to overcome fears and feel more LOVE?
Listen to the Healing Tales Activation called ‘CELEBRATION OF LOVE’ that activates Unconditional, Divine and Self Love for you! All you have to do is LISTEN! Come and join me on a journey of Love. Let’s activate, discover, experience, evoke and know what Unconditional, Divine and Self Love feels like. This is the perfect tale to listen to if you need a little more love in your life,  if you want to activate Unconditional, Divine and Self-love within You. All three different descriptions are actually the same LOVE, the Love we all are. But we resonate with the words differently. Are you ready to be the LOVE that you ARE?

What is a Healing Tales Activation?
Healing Tales Activations are Healing Tales that activate JOYFUL and HAPPY EMOTIONS  which old and stagnant beliefs, patterns, hurts, pains, blockages that no longer benefit you. Simply by relaxing and listening to a Tale! How wonderfully easy is that!!!!

Healing Tales Activations activate emotions such as Unconditional Love, Trust and Support, Wholeness and more.

Healing Tales Activations help you find,  feel and activate the path to your true HOME/SELF within.

The more you focus, evoke and activate positive feelings and emotions within you, the more you will attract them into our life!

Come and join me on an exciting Journey . Healing Tales Activations

Let’s discover, experience and activate feelings of Happiness, Joy, Love, Trust, Support and the Wholeness that you are.

What other Healing Tales Activations are available?

  • Healing Tales Activation ‚CELEBRATION OF LOVE‘
  •  Healing Tales Activation ‚HOME WITHIN‘
  •  Healing Tales Activation ‚WHOLENESS WITHIN‘


These are the  perfect Tales to listen too:

  • If you need a little more love in your life!
  • If you want to feel what Unconditional, Divine or Self-Love truly feels like!
  • If you feel Lost!
  • If you feel forgotten by the Universe!
  • If you feel overwhelmed by Life’s Challenges and Lessons!
  • If you feel you have never experienced your own true Home before!
  •  If you are doubting your Self!
  •  If you are doubting the Universe’s Unconditional Trust and Support!

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