Celebrate with me! Soul

Hputty download windows ,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: #000000;“>appy Birthday! This week we are celebrating my late Father’s Birthday and I want to take this occasion to share a very personal story with you that changed my world forever.
As some of you might remember, in March 2014 my beloved father passed away after a long and challenging illness. As my father lay in hospital his body shutting down, his breaths getting slower, I felt the urge (as a daughter) to find someone to energetically support him through this transition period. Someone to assist his soul to work through any unsolved issues  and to enable him to transition as light, to the light, as the light.

Later-on, as I prepared for bed I kept on hearing this voice ‘Silly cow, just open up your heart and do it, walk through your fear, and BE the space he needs!’ And that is what I did! (Guess I needed this cheeky voice to overcome my self-created limitations!)

I lay down in meditation, connected with his soul and just was! Soon we traveled to various unsolved situations from this lifetime and others, here and there, till at the end we came to a great big ocean. There we stood looking into the endless distance. I stayed at the shore; my father tipped in his toes as if to feel the temperature, then he ventured up to his knees, to his calves, thighs….  As I woke the next morning I saw my father in this great big peaceful ocean, swimming in the distance, waving at me! When I went to hospital he had transitioned, with a peaceful smile on his face! I sat down and cried! My soul cried tears of relief. As a daughter I cried tears of sadness.

The Lesson I learned: By walking through my imagined fear, by allowing myself to just BE, by allowing my heart and soul to guide me, I received an incredible gift of getting to know the unknown better and of supporting a soul in its transition!
As I sit and write this article, I feel my father’s presence urging me to share my experiences and saying: ‘Walk through your FEAR, as there is no fear, and all you find is LIGHT’.

On that note, please read these words and take in all the energy behind it to give you strength to open up to face YOUR Fears and gracefully dissolve them.
With love,

Martina Kreiner
Ps …. Please listen to this powerful Healing Tale that was created at that time. Thank you for YOU.  Namaste!


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