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Total Balance and Harmony

Hello and Welcome to your Balance and Harmony Process!

Thank you for taking a step forward and joining your heart and mind with Healing Tales. Please make sure you read your further instructions below. Thank you! I am so excited you have taken action and are ready to come on a journey with me.

This is a 1:1 combined healing process! I say combined, because I will be working on your Energy body over a period of 1 week, next to helping and instructing you to find your own deepened Daily Practice to work and heal your SELF! In this period I will tap into your energy field, and I will look at the following:

  • At your Physical Body – Organs, Spine, Glands etc!
  • At your Energy Body – Chakra’s, Meridians, Auric fields etc!
  • At your Emotional & Mental Body – your beliefs & patterns that keep you from being the highest YOU!
  • At your Spiritual Body – your Spirit Council and Committee

What does this process include?

  1. Initial Session (about 1 h)
    I tap into your energy field and locate blockages throughout your physical, energetic and emotional bodies.
  2. ½ Skype/Phone Meeting :
    We will discuss my discoveries! You can ask any questions of concern!
    You set an intention for this process and what goal you want to accomplish in the imminent future. This intent will be incorporated in your Empowerment Tools.
  3. Cleansing and harmonizing process!
    From what I discovered I will cleanse and harmonize up to 4 times, till we reach a constant 100 % harmony.
  4. Your Empowerment Tools:
    I will suggest Balance and Harmony tools for you,  that will help you to look after your own Energetic body on a daily basis.
    1 x Morning Balance and Harmony Journey (mp3)
    1 x Evening Balance and Harmony Journey (mp3)
    1 x Bonus Track (depending on where your intention is placed (mp3)

    These 3 tracks are included in the price, but intuitively I might suggest other Emotion Release Techniques, Healing Tales Activations and Clearings, Mind Management, Physical, mental Daily Practices for you to include into your DAILY BEING-NESS

You will receive an email from me shortly

I am so excited you are ready to walk your inner journey. Remember, as you heal yourself you also support our planet and the environment.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask.

I look forward to our journey.

With love and gratitude

personal healing tale Kopie

Martina Kreiner


Martina’s 100% Personal Guarantee!

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