Mosquito effect! Does this make sense?

I am sure you can relate to this one! You lie in bed, sleeping peacefully till you here the very distinct sound of a mosquito, which with its ear piercing, relentless sound wakes you up! Lights on, you check the entire room, of course your little friend can not be found!!!

You feel so tired, Lights off again with the hope it will just disappear. It sure seems so at first, till you are just about to drift off …. And there it is again again …. Sssssssss. The scenario is repeated over and over again till Solution A, your visitor is found and escorted lovingly out of your space!
Solution B, you put a pillow over you head, you don’t hear the mosquito anymore, but he bites you all over for you to remember the next day! And yes, he hides somewhere in the room and waits for the night to come again …. Undecided

Here is the thing, as I was awake last night chasing my friend the mosquito, I had this epiphany…. I now call the Mosquito Effect!

This game of hide and seek, I really did not want to play in the middle of the night, reminded me off how lots of us deal, or better not deal, with our issues and challenges. We notice them, we brush them aside! We feel them, we simply take a pain killer!

But do we look a bit deeper and discover the core of the issue and challenge at hand?

Usually not! We are too busy running headless through our life.  We are too  fearful what we might find! We don’t want to face the discomfort of this lesson! But the point is, the lesson will not disappear just because we put a pillow over our head!!!! It actually tends to return greater and bigger. Very often we ignore the early signs, till we hit a brick wall and have no choice but to look at our issue or challenge! Does this sound familiar to you?


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