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With all this wonderful gratitude flowing in my body and spilling over and beyond, I am ever so excited to share this Month’s Moon Energy Journey with you. Every month I retrieve and channel a Moon Energy Journey/Moon Healing Tale that Grandmother Moon herself shares with me.

My name is Martina Kreiner, creator of Healing with Tales.  I am an intuitive Storyteller, Guide, Author, Consciousness and Light Worker … and Healing Pouch creator :-). Over the years, walking my own inner spiritual journey, I have come to discover a gift I carry within me. That of retrieving what I call Healing Tales, Healing Energy Journeys. I have come to know deep within my heart how unlimited connected we all are to all that surrounds us: Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, all Elements, the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdom. Yes, we are all connected, we are all one Energy and we all have Millions of Stories/Tales to tell- Tales that heal your soul. As I walk my journey and share my gifts and experiences I connect to individual souls, retrieving and creating Personal Healing Tales in support of the release and transformation of trapped Emotions, Belief-systems and Programs, that are accumulated over various lifetimes.

As I open up more and more to my life’s purpose, I am opening up to the ever present Spirits, Spirit Animals, Stars, Planets, Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth, the Sun … they all come forward to share their Tales and Energies with me. I am here to share these Tales and Energies with you.

With the start of 2015 Grandmother Moon came forward and invited me to share her Energies in form of Healing Tales. Which I have the pleasure to share with you:




I invite you to re-listen to the Moon Energy Call as often as guided, to integrate layer upon layer of the Energies shared with us.

More information and background on the Moon Energy Calls. Click here


Enjoy the adventurous ride and I look forward to hear your feedback.

With love and gratitude

personal healing tale Kopie

Martina Kreiner


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