A Million things to be …

I suppose you can relate to a sleepless night, where your mind constantly bombards you with thoughts that more or less run in a circle, round and round we go. Its aim is to give you logic options to certain issues you might currently face in your life.  …. And all you want is for the mind to stop, to be quiet, and allow you to drift off to sleep.  Sounds familiar?

Here is the thing, the logic mind is here to help and it likes to stay within the known comfort zone. Hence the solutions suggested are within that limited area. Sometimes though, it is necessary to break that viscous circle and venture without, or possibly deeper within to find a new solution and a new, different outcome. Remember, it is a step by step process to walk your inner journey, and become more and more aware of who you truly are.

A good friend sang a song last night, which reminded me of a time when I was in my teens. The energy of ‚a child’s innocent excitement and of course, with no doubt, everything is possible‘ arose. How wonderful. I invite you to listen to the song and allow your child’s mind to come forward and ease all doubts. Enjoy!

With love,

Martina Kreiner


PS……. Did you get your Personal Healing Tale?

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