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My question today How did you feel this morning when you opened your eyes? Was it a

 …… Ufff anther Monday Morning, I don’t want to get up, I feel grumpy, unloved, uncomfortable in my Body, I don’t want to go to work and I just want to stay under my bed-cover and hide.

 ….. Or was it a YES, I am full of Love and Gratitude, and excited to start playing with all possibilities there are today!? Welcome new Day, Welcome all of ME!

Should scenario #1 be more resonant with you – Try this before you even get out of bed:

Sense your energy for a moment, allowing yourself to come into your heart-space, the center of your being. Open to experience a deeper part of your being, your innermost Self, whose nature is pure, unconditional love. This Self, your Soul, LOVES YOU, understands you, and is always working for your higher good. Ask your soul to increase the love you are capable of feeling and receiving. Allow the love within to become more visible and shine forth, increasing your ability to love yourself, everything in your life and this new amazing miraculous day. As you think of the day ahead, picture feeling more of the love that is within you and finding new ways to express it without.

To support this process I suggest a Daily Cleansing Energy Journey and Daily Affirmation. This topic formed a big part in the program ‘Empower your Self+ The Journey‘. In response I created  ‘YOUR PERSONAL DAILY AFFIRMATION’ as a gift.  I extend this offer to you:

What does that mean? What do you get?

  • I tune into you and retrieve your Personal Daily Affirmation supporting your current process!
  • You receive 1 x recorded MP3 including a Cleansing Energy Journey and your Daily Affirmation
  • You receive a harmonizing Energy Booster whilst I receive and retrieve your Daily Affirmation
  • I suggest you use it for a minimum of 21 days…. and whenever you  are ready the process can be repeated over and over  and over again
    …. for a new Daily Affirmation to be added to your Daily Practice, depending on where you are at and the goals you are working on!
    1 x Personal Daily Affirmation: $ 37 (value $ 57)




With love,

Martina Kreiner

PS. Please pass this on to your friends, this could be a life safer!

Let’s make sure those mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed are past.  And remember, to join us on our Facebook Page to mingle and mix with like minded people-

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