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‚There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside‘. I can only humbly agree with this amazing woman. All of our lives are comprised with story after story after story… and we allow these stories to form who we are. Allow me to support you on your inner journey by transforming stories that are no longer beneficial for you, with the Power of Healing (Stories) Tales.

I invite you to use the 12 Magic Days of Christmas to its fullest potential. Hence I have  chosen two products that will support you during this special,powerful time. … And just in case you need a little break from family affairs and want to tune in with your Self and breathe…. Offer starts 24 December 2014 and ends Midnight 6 January 2015. Don’t miss!!!!

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For more information please contact me on martina@healingwithtales.com.


Wishing you a wonderful, still, miraculous Holiday Season

With love and gratitude,

personal healing tale Kopie

Martina Kreiner

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