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Dear Winner,

The Talltree Gratitude Parties have inspired me so much, that I am gifting one of the CIRCLE OF LOVE POUCHES to you, just because we are all part of this wonderful, amazing and inspiring community.

Each Pouch has been created without any expectation- just for the joy, love and inner peace I feel when I make them. So far I have received such wonderful, unexpected feedback as to how this little item increases comfort, healing and supports better sleep. I just want each One I make to find a loving home. Below please find a little bit more background information and story on the CIRCLE OF LOVE POUCH!

I wish for this Pouch to support your Personal Healing Process on your Journey of Awakening and Self-Mastery!

Please send an email with your full address  to  and I shall post your GIFT to you!

PS. This Pouch is a GIFT to you! In general I am asking for a Free Donation which goes towards supporting various orphanages. If you so resonate with this good cause, I shall put the entire donation forward to the Orphanage. Thank you!


With Love and Gratitude,

Martina Kreiner

Martina Kreiner
Intuitive Storyteller, Guide and

Author of the Bookseries ‚Your invisible Friends: Buddy Tickle and Red‘



I invite you to receive your personal CIRCLE OF LOVE POUCH (see image above) to gently support and nurture your individual healing process. May that healing be of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature. Or you might just need a little extra loving energy, or gift loving energy to one of your loved ones.

Background story: The idea and hence-with the creation of the CIRCLE OF LOVE POUCHES was inspired by a dear friend facing brain surgery. As I was looking for a tangible way to support her healing process, our dear Chief Robert Talltree pointed my awareness towards the medicine wheel pouches traditionally created by medicine-man for healing. I was very taken by the idea and his words. The same day I started the search for the materials I would be using for my unique take on the healing pouches. In amazement I realized, that ever single item I needed  had been patiently waiting for me. And so the work began the same day. As I sat down with my linen, needle and threat and started to stitch, a wave of inner peace and love embraced me. I could not believe this unexpected, wonderful gift of abundant joy and love. I had to pause in gratitude for a moment, before I commenced. Ever since, I take moments in my day to work on the Circle of Love pouches. I have to add, that I have not stitched since primary school and the amazement commenced as I saw how beautiful the pouches turned out, reflecting the Beauty of Love. The feedback I have received sofar is that of an increased feeling of love, hope and comfort, especially during night. Calmer and deeper sleep. The majority of ‚Circle of Love pouch owners‘ , old and young, tend to cuddle the pouches towards their cheek, or on their heart, rather then under the pillow. It is also used heated up to intensify the smell. I invite you to find your way and share it with me.

  • Each CIRCLE OF LOVE POUCH has been lovingly created by hand and encoded with Healing Vibrations.
  • Each CIRCLE OF LOVE POUCH is unique in itself.
  • The materials used are of the purest organic linen and cotton, and filled with handpicked Austrian Mountain herbs.
  • Place the CIRCLE OF LOVE POUCH under your pillow, mediate over it, or even carry it with you.
  • Allow the gentle smell of the herbs to soothe & open your heart to fully receive the loving energy this pouch is truly made off.


Love is priceless! This pouch is priceless! It is the same energy.

In exchange for your purchase, I ask for a DONATION reflecting what you are able to give
and what this CIRCLE OF LOVE POUCH reflects to you.

20 % of all profits will be donated to several orphanages
in form of my Book-series ‘Your invisible Friends: Buddy, Tickle and Red’.

To send rays of light and love to those children who have chosen a challenging start in life.
Please do consider $ 4 for postage within your donation. Thank you!

tickel and buddy Kopie


To purchase and donate:

1. Click this button to donate paypal donate

2. Please send an email with your full address  to


Thank you for your loving support.


With love and gratitude,

Martina Kreiner

Martina Kreiner


PS. To purchase the books for your Self, children and friends, they are available in all Amazon stores:

tickel and buddy Kopie


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