How to find your INNER POWER?

A must share today, my angle Gabriel is teaching me!!!  My INNER JOURNEY got intensely kick-started a few years ago when my son Gabriel fell ill. With immense openness I walked into my own darkness in an endeavor to support my little guy. Soon I realized I had to heal myself first and automatically his energy would heal too. I have to reassure you that Gabriel is a healthy, happy little boy who started mainstream school this week.

Today again he supported me in walking through my own darkness and dissolve a belief that sits very, very deep within.  A belief of Unworthiness, not feeling complete, feeling that something needs to be changed, altered, fixed, some emotion to be released, something to be worked on, something to be added, something to be learned ...whereas from the moment we are born into this 3d life we just are perfect, whole, magical …. we just have forgotten,  disconnected from our higher Self and knowing.

Several years ago, as Gabriel recovered from his ‚illness‘ he started to have difficulties with his speech development. He still has a little challenge if you were to classify it. Over the last months, whilst deciding which school is best I really had to look WITHIN me and challenge myself in how I truly see my son. Lots of thoughts, words and beliefs came up. That of the therapists, the doctors, the teachers, friends, family …. but how do I see and feel him …. from my EGO (conscious mind) and my Heart (subconscious mind). I worked through layers and layers of FEAR, ANGER, HATE….. to come to my conclusion: ‚GABRIEL is happy, perfect and whole in every moment of now and I fully trust his abilities and capabilities‘. His soul actually guided me to go for mainstream school, and to fully TRUST. I do.

This morning a trigger from Gabriel, a reaction from my part pushed me to go even deeper right to the core where it is not about Gabriel, me, family, friends, strangers, people, human race …. It is about ONENESS and truly understanding, no, truly knowing that each one of us is perfect, happy and whole in every moment of now, it is our individual perception distorting this beauty.  With this perfect beauty in mind, we should treat and see ourselves and everybody else that crosses our path.

This morning I realized, whilst going into reaction, that deep within me I still had a layer of not accepting MYSELF AS THE GIFT THAT I AM, and Gabriel reflected this to me.  At 7.00 am this morning I had a choice, I could stay in my reaction and feel bad about reacting (I did), or I could walk through my own seemingly ever so dark darkness filled with FEAR, ANGER, HATE and behind find my own light, shining ever so bright. By accepting my own light (again) I could see everybody’s light too. Beauty reflected.

I feel, no matter where we are on our INNER JOURNEY, over and over again we will have the choice to either walk through patches of darkness, dissolve them and move forward to ONENESS or stay in our illusionary world. It is up to us, we are the creator of our lives.



With love,

Martina Kreiner

PS…… Ready to take your INNER JOURNEY forward, stay tuned….. a WORKSHOP is coming up that might just answer all your questions 😉

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