Believe in You. Always. Your 2015


Believe in You. Always…. Your 2015.

We have come to the end of this amazing year. I sat down and wrote my annual review, and boy, once I started writing and remembering I have come to the conclusion: ‚It has been an incredible, exciting and expanding year‘. Yes, there have been challenging times, with my dad passing away and others. But even challenging experiences, however sad and difficult they might seem at the time, they always prompt me to make a very conscious decision how I want to use this experience. I use them to take another step on my inner journey. I use them to dissolve yet another story, and another … and consciously create my life and stories as I desire them.

Well, I keep it short as it is time to celebrate and Welcome the New Year. I look forward to meet you on

5th January 2015 @ 3.00 EST to the 1st HEALING TALE READING. (Free Healing Tale towards the end of the Page!)
And of course I have lots of exciting Healing Tales programs, workshops and surprises planned for 2015. Thank you for You and for having crossed my path!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year Celebrations.

With love and gratitude,

Martina Kreiner


PS… If you want to get a head Head-start, try Your Personal Healing Tale to put yourself in the fast lane! 


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